Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In love with Disney

We woke up Thursday morning to this in the sky!   The sky writer was reading our minds.  We were in love with Disney.  Even Rosie's new mood bracelet was telling us that she was in love.  It definitely was not with a boy because Daddy has told her she is not to have any boyfriends until she is 30 so it had to be that she was in love with Disney too!  Our day was to be another relaxing (no carrying of kids 50 miles up hill both ways) kind of day.  It would be our last full day in Florida.  The kids actually slept in this day.  Maybe it was due to not going to bed until 11 that night because they were in the pool.  But something cause them to sleep in past 6:30 am!!!  Daddy had suggested we go putt putting so that was the only thing on the agenda.  Oh, and lots more swimming. 
 {silly boy you can only wear one pair!}
 I don't know why we chose the hottest day ever to go putt putting, but it was surface of the sun hot!   The kids were hot but we promised them a jump in the pool directly after so that brought smiles.  We broke up into teams.  Daddy and Bubba.  Rosie and Aunt Kathy.  And the team of Aces -- Mommy and Gigi.  The first hole, mommy putted in a HOLE IN ONE!  We were on a roll.  I finished the day with 2 hole in ones.  Bubba had a hole in one too, thanks to Gigi's ball knocking his in.  Of course we kept score, we are a very competitive family.  Mommy and Daddy ended up tying individually.  (Daddy cheated! :-)  And overall the boys beat all us girls by only 2 strokes.  Total Bummer!     

 {check out that golf attire -- she definitely sets a fashion statement}
The rest of the day is pretty boring.  Mommy ran around packing bags and washing clothes and the kids swam until their fingers and toes were prunes.  The next morning we would wake up and take Aunt Kathy to the airport only to be there later that night. 
 I saved Animal Kingdom for our last day.  It is a beautiful park and unlike Epcot has so many trees and shade on the walking paths, that it was actually enjoyable being outside.  We speed walked back to the safari line because I heard it was best to see it in the morning when the animals are more active. 

 {getting ready for the safari}
On my bucket list is to someday go to Africa and do a safari.  I want to sleep with the monkeys and hear the lions roar, but for know this will do. 

 {there was cute baby elephants!!}
 {the giraffe is my favorite animal}
{this warthog was taking a snooze on his back}
 Animal Kingdom was very picturesque with lush greenery and unique landmarks.  Our family really likes to go to zoos but this was like a zoo on steroids!   Everything was bigger and better.
The boat we were in starting going up this hill and the two older kids were complaining it was boring.  (see shot below with sullen faces)  Then the water came and the kids were soaked and happy.  We had picked up a fastpass before we got on the ride and rode it a second time right away -- we were hauling buckets of water in our clothes by the time we were done.

{mommy and Gigi didn't get to wet the first time, but the second time I got soaked} 
 {Daddy was soaked to the bone -- all the water on the first hill hit him smack in the face}
 We tried to dry off during lunch, but we were so wet that it wasn't enough time.  Gigi's pants were so pulled down by the water logged jeans that she had to hold on to them as we walked around Animal Kingdom.  When we got to the car we all changed into dry clothes for the ride to the airport. 
 {sad faces on the way home}
The only hiccup of the whole trip was that our flight got pushed back from 6:40 to 8:06 pm.  So we were at the airport WAY before we had to be.  But good thing there was shopping, food, and places to sit.  Mommy got a catnap and Daddy challenged the kids to a little Super Mario Brothers.

We woke up Saturday morning to this bundle of sunshine.  Oh how I missed her!!!  It seems that she grew two inches in a week.  She was spoiled though and had a good time with Grandma Judy.   

Father's Day was spent traveling back to Iowa.  We did get to open presents though and the kids caught a few fish Sunday morning in Grandma Judy's pond.  We will have to cook Daddy breakfast in bed in the camper this weekend to make up for it.   Sadly our tripis over but it is good to be home. 

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