Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8 years

Celebrating 8 years of wedded bliss
to my best friend
Nate's Gift
a short blog post so he doesn't have to read a bunch of mushy stuff
Love Him!!!
Dinner and a Movie
Yep, that's what we did for our anniversary
We celebrated 2 days early to enjoy a weekend night out
Sunday night -- so not to crazy
No children = 4 hours of quiet time
Dinner at Chili's
Got half our meal free (appetizer came out after our meal)
Itched poison ivy on our ankles through the movie
Enjoyed "The Avengers"
Came home to rub calamine lotion on poison ivy
Yep, that's romatic

Can't believe it's been 8 years since we said "I Do"
Want to grow old with this man
nd watch our kids grow up and find their best friends
like we did
Happy Anniversary Nate!

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