Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dressing Up

Yesterday the three older kids started Tennis.  Mommy had surprised them with new rackets that morning and they were all ready to go.  Notice the joy on their faces when mommy said they could bring a gatorade to Tennis.  Mommy NEVER lets them bring Gatorade instead of water.... yes, I am cruel.  :-)   
 {they were supposed to give me their best "tennis face" whatever that is.  Bubba gave me a pirate face instead.  Arrrhgggg!}
Lil Miss wanted to be like the big kids.  She was toting around Gigi's racket and begging for a ball.  Not in the house Lil Miss!  
 {I want to play!!}
After a long day of tennis lessons, sylvan tutoring, and playing at the park, the kids were full of grime.  So I told them to go get changed into something nice for Daddy to take us out for our anniversary.  The girls asked to wear dresses and I agreed they could.  We had talked for the past couple days about mommy and daddy's anniversary and that 8 years ago we got married on this day.  Bubba must have only heard the "married" part.  Not that it was 8 years ago.  Because he came out of his room dressed in his sunday best all ready to go to the wedding.  We burst his bubble by telling him we weren't getting married -- we were already married.  He was ready for some dancing!  LOL  If you were at Kyle and Jess's wedding, you would know he is quite the little show off on his dancing skills.  Daddy reluctantly let him wear the tie to dinner but had him change into khaki shorts to make it a little more casual. 
{Lil Miss has just mastered the word "Cheese"}
Our "fancy" anniversary dinner was at Texas Roadhouse.  We were starving so the peanuts and bread got inhaled.  We all had enough room for our dinner though.  It was scrumptious.  We discovered that Lil Miss and Bubba really like to groove to Country Music.  It was a good day --

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