Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm a quilter

Okay maybe not really, but I did dabble in quilting this past month.  Since I've gotten this sewing machine I have done everything from bags to garland to dresses to quilts.  Pinterest has been a huge motivator (or enabler) to getting great ideas that I want to try.  I came across a picture of a stripe quilt on one of my searches and read that it was an easy way to start quilting.  An Idea formed in my mind.  I have seen the quilts my mother-in-law makes, and this was by no means her quality, but I was proud of what I created.  
Since the purchase of our second home (better known as our home on wheels) I wanted to spruce it up and make it more "ME".  The quilts served two purposes:  1.  to look super cute and to add some fun colors to the otherwise drab camper  and 2.  to provide warmth on those chilly nights (or when we have the A/C to high!)  The best part of quilting was buying and putting the fabrics together. 
 {Lil Miss's quilt}
 {the back of Lil Miss's quilt.... a felt monogram}
I didn't like the idea of just putting a plain fabric on the back of the quilt so of course I had to make it more difficult.  I just can't leave well enough alone.  So I googled monograms and bam the quilt was formed in my mind!!
 {Rosie's quilt}
On Rosie's quilt I fell in love with the blue fabric in the middle.  It is covered in wood cuts with pink little hearts accents.  What made it perfect is when I found a brown fabric with a wood grain print!!  i could look at fabric all day!!!  Now, I haven't decided if I like quilting or making clothes better but I like the variety.  They are not perfect but every time I complete a project I learn something new.  I have the fabric for Bubba's quilt layed out next..... Star Wars themed quilt.  I hope he likes it!

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