Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney - Our Day off (otherwise known as Day 2)

I don't know how some parents do it.  We were at Disney 7 days and bought tickets for the parks 4 days.  I debated this back and forth, whether we should do a 6 day pass or a 3 day pass or park hopper, there are so many options.  I finally settled on a 4 day pass.  (sidenote -- yes this was me debating it in my head because Nate did not really care one way or another and after asking for the hundredth time what he wanted I gave up asking.  I do generally have great debates in my head and sometimes out loud when I am in the car by myself. )  We did not get the park hopper because I thought 1 park each day would most likely push us to our max.  AND it did.  There were definitely things that we missed but that is just and excuse to come back and do it again someday, this time with Lil Miss so we can see it through her eyes.  We got the 4 day pass thinking we would have some days at the pool in between our long days at the parks and boy are we glad we did.  After one day at the park we wanted to sleep in and not walk on our feet for some time maybe not ever!  Monday morning was our day off.  Our shoes needed a day to dry out from the torrential down pour the night before.  In fact 24 hours later our shoes were still not dry and we had to resort to putting them in the dryer.  (yes having a washer and dryer at the condo was a BONUS)
Our day off consisted of the kids sleeping in maybe 15 minutes compared to a regular day and being ready to swim the minute daddy and mommy walked out of their room. Daddy made some coffee and Uncle Neil (not being able to withstand the pleases and begging) jumped into the pool with the kids. We enjoyed a morning by the pool relaxing. Mommy finally got to read that magazine I tried to start on the plane!!! With our feet up and coffee giving us that jolt of caffeine we needed, we relived the previous days events and got to REALLY enjoy vacation. It was short lived though because we did have reservations at Downtown Disney for lunch and planned on shopping!!! This is when the souvenir shopping went wrong! LOL Daddy was just as bad as the kids. Downtown Disney had lots of walking (BAD) but lots of shopping with air conditioning (GOOD).

{All dressed up for lunch}
 Uncle Neil was on a mission to find the ridemakerz place where you make your own remote control car.  Bubba got to pick everything out from the rims to the sound the car makes.  Mommy picked out the exhaust!!
 They even have the kids help screw everything in.  A really great experience!! 
{look he made Kit from Night Rider!!}

 {this might be the point where Rosie stopped wanting any picture taken... notice her smile or lack there of!}
 The boys then talked me into building our own light sabers at a toy store.  Or as Bubba calls them, Lifesavers!  LOL  Luckily they both chose the Jedi colors.  Rosie went back and forth whether she wanted to be on the good side or the dark side.  She finally chose the good side. 

 After lunch the kids found a watering hole.  We were headed to the pool next so I let them get wet... and wet they did.  Rosie looked like she was taking a shower, she only needed a little shampoo.  Bubba kept putting his face on top of the hole to get a face shot. 

 We did a Uncle/Aunt swap when Aunt Kathy showed up that afternoon and we brought Uncle Neil to the airport.  The extra grown up was such a blessing.  They came to hold hands and be another set of eyes.   The kids were spoiled!  Hopefully Uncle Neil and Aunt Kathy had a good time too! 

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