Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After Trip Interview

I took interviews from the three kids to see what their favorites were.  Here are the results:
 Gigi --
Favorite Park:  Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction:  Splash Mountain
Favorite Character:  Princess Tiana
Funniest Moment:  Screaming on the Airplane
Favorite thing:  Watching the Parade
 Rosie --
Favorite Park:  EPCOT
Favorite Attraction:  Splash Mountain
Favorite Character:  Tinkerbell
Funniest Moment:  Turtle Talk with Crush  (Gigi was supposed to ask crush a question instead she told crush that she is having fun at Disney World!)
Least Favorite Moment: Airplane Ride
Bubba --
Favorite Park:  Hollywood Studios (where all the star wars activities were)
Favorite Attraction:  Jedi Training
Favorite Character:  Storm Trooper
Funniest Moment:  Darth Vader dancing at the Hyper Space Hoopla to Smooth Criminal -- as soon as he recognized that Darth Vader was dancing to a Michael Jackson song he knew he started screaming! 
Least Favorite Moment:  Splash Mountain -- didn't like walking around wet
Favorite Moment to remember forever:  When Cinderella blew him a kiss at the parade
Favorite Park:  Tough Call between Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction:  Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom
Favorite Character:  Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen
Funniest Moment:  When Daddy got drenched on the Kali River Rapids ride -- soaked to the bone  AND watching Chewbacca dance to "I'm sexy and I know it"
Least Favorite Moment:  driving home in the car completely wet from the rain
Favorite moment to remember forever:  the look on each kids face when they saw something come to life bigger than their imagination

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