Saturday, June 9, 2012

Packing up and ready to go

Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again... heeheeAlmost there... our bags are packed and we are headed to the tarmac!!  OMG, I can't believe we are doing this.  I hope all my planning paid off and we have an uneventful trip.  Each child has there own little book bag with their own goodies.  Rosie's is filled with of course her DS, new coloring sheets and blank number grids (always have to be working on her math!!), a bag of treats including gum, gummi bears, cheez-its, and suckers, thread to make friendship bracelets and much more.  Bubba's is filled with star wars action figures and books.  And yet Gigi's has Ariel, Snow White, and lots of princessy things.  I haven't let them look in their bags so I hope they find joy in it and I don't hear "Mom, why did you bring this?" or " Mom, why didn't you bring that!".  I try, I really do try. 
{Rosie's loot!!  Hope she likes it}
I also made wraps for the girl's American Girl Dolls.  I made them each a wrap to wrap around the handle of our rolling luggage that Velcros the doll to the bag.  Hopefully this will keep the girls from being dragged on the ground or shoved in a backpack.  My mind is just full of these ideas I just need 30 more days to implement more.  Gigi asked for a mommy to make a new outfit for her doll before we go.  She asked on Tuesday... I tried and it was on my list but I just didn't get it done.  Next time I will have a coordinating snow white doll for her girl... but sadly not today.  :-(  I think Addy and Bella (the dolls) will have a good time no matter what outfit they are wearing!  LOL 
{mickey mouse pedicures}
And of course we can't go to Florida without a nice pedicure.  When you are sandals you have to have your toes looking cute!  So we did Mickey Mouse pedicures yesterday.  I don't think I did too bad.  I had to make a special trip to the store just to get the black nail polish.  We are all Mouse'd up and ready to have fun!!
{Cars packed}
Don't be alarmed by the amount of bags.  Two are for Lil Miss to stay with Grandma Judy, one is for tonight and clothes for tommorrow morning and the hanging bag is for next weekend's wedding.  So all in all I did pretty good!  We are OFF!!!  Lots more photos to come....

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