Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disney or Bust

 2 more days!!  I don't know how the kids I am going to sleep tonight.  We are almost on our way.  I had to get one picture of the 4 kiddos in their custom made mickey tees since Lil Miss won't be going to Disney.  I am starting to feel alot of guilt for not taking the little munchkin.  How am I going to leave her for a week!  I am leaving her in the very capable loving hands of Grandma Judy, but WHY did I decide to not take her?  Oh, right we wanted to enjoy the trip without a 19 month old wrecking ball along for the journey.  She would have wanted out of the stroller, talked through the whole production of Beauty and the Beast, and screamed and squirmed when it got to be nap time.  Now I am not saying that the three other kids won't exhibit some of these same qualities (or maybe daddy!) but I will just promise her someday we will take her too!  (shhhh don't tell Daddy I am not sure he is happy going this one time let alone another trip to Disney in the far off future)   :-)  Still, my mommy guilt is kicking in and I am second guessing our decision and want to last minute throw her in the suitcase and keep my little cuddle bug with me. 
Our countdown sign.... I made this for them as their gift at Christmas time.  It's been fun seeing how many days until our trip and the number dwindling before our very eyes!!  Cannot believe in two days we will be boarding a plane (the first time for Rosie, Bubba, and Gigi) and jetting off to the most Magical Place on Earth!!!   The kids don't really have any idea what to expect.  Gigi keeps pointing to planes in the sky and saying "that is our plane!!"  Last night she asked me if we will get up on our roof to get in the plane.  The whole expreience with be filled with "firsts" for them and I will love seeing it through their eyes.  I have a zillion things on my to do list today so I cannot procrastinate and sit on this darn computer and blog, facebook, get lost on pinterest... or my many other vices. 
The next blog will be from Disney!!  WooHoo!!!!
How am I going to leave this face???  Many prayers that they will be able to rip her out of my arms... or maybe it will be the other way around that they will have to tear her out of my big Momma Bear Hugs to leave on Saturday morning!  :-)

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  1. I hear you. Mark & I are going to Hawaii this summer and can't imagine taking a 9 month old on a 10 hour plane ride so Grandma will be coming down to Texas! Im already feeling guilty though:)
    You guys will have a great time and will make memories to last a lifetime!