Thursday, October 18, 2012

Z is for Zoo

On Tuesday the kids had an early out. 
At least once a month the kids get out around 1:00 in the afternoon and mommy is left to entertain them the rest of the day. 
Most early outs consist of a trip to the local frozen yogurt place (it is sooo good!), playing at a park, and then maybe a little naptime. 
Early this week I had seen that the Naibi Zoo was now free admission during the week.
We have a family membership to the local Family Museum but not the zoo.  
I made a mental note to take Lil Miss soon and then I remembered we had an early out. 
Surprising the kids after school during snack (which of course they asked to go to Jujube but I turned them down) I told them to keep their shoes on because we were headed to the soon. 
There were hoots and hollers, you could see they were so happy not to have mandatory naptime.  :-) 
To their amazement not too much later Daddy walked in through the door to go with us. 
There were very few people there for a weekday and so it was like we had the place to ourselves.
 Every kid had their favorite animal to see.  
For Gigi it was the monkeys!!
Her and Lil Miss were mesmerized by the monkey swinging on the ropes back and forth. 
I was shocked at how much all of them have grown up. 
It was like it just hit me all of sudden.  Lil Miss turns 2 next week. 
In the last week, I see her changing so much and growing up. 
Sadly, she isn't a little baby anymore.
 Around the zoo there are numerous animal statues.
My children needed to climb on top of everyone.   
 {giving us their best dinosaur ROAR}
Mommy's favorite animals to see are the elephants and giraffes and they were both out and enjoying the fall weather with us. 
 {just like daddy}
 Rosie had reminded me to bring quarters to feed the animals. 
So mommy was prepared. 
We fed the fish, ducks, goats, sheep... any animal we could. 
 {a year ago she would have never let them eat out of her hand}
 {Rosie was getting bossy at the goat who kept stealing her food}
 {This girl isn't afraid of animals.  She was having a great conversation with this baby goat}
And of course the boy is off harassing a goose.  All boy that kid.
It was a good family day. 
This mommy enjoyed every minute of it. 
I know we won't have many more beautiful days like it was so I pleased to take advantage of it. 
If you live around the Quad Cities you should take advantage of the free weekdays at the zoo.

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