Monday, October 8, 2012

The Happiest Race (place) on Earth

 Oh have I told you how much I love this weather. 
I think I have but then I will tell you again.
If you are not enjoying the beautiful colored leaves, the trees vibrant in reds and yellows, and the cool breezes where it makes wearing layers a must -- you are nuts. 
Yes, occasionally it gets a little chilly and we have to break out the winter jackets but overall when the sun is shining it is amazing out. 
Baby and I have been outside when we aren't feeling lousy from fall colds.
Mommy has started stocking up on boxes and boxes of Kleenexes. 
We've been washing and rewashing coats and gloves because of all the snot that is getting smeared in them.  Yuck!  Why a child thinks it is easier to swipe their nose in their sleeve and not in a tissue, I'll never know. 
Last week, me and the kids spent almost everyday in the backyard.
Lil Miss is loving the crinkle of fallen leaves under her feet.
Just like her momma.
{View from our playhouse play date with me and Lil miss}
{throwing leaves in the air and watching them fall!!}
{showing dodger the leaves}
{mommy's turn in the leaves}

Since this summer I had planned to run in the Color Run in Des Moines this past weekend. 
A girlfriend of mine created team *Skittles* and I was so in.
The whole concept of running a race where the object is fun and there are no winners or losers was awesome.  And to make things even better every kilometer there is a color burst where you run through a specific color to end up looking like a Skittles Package at the finish line. 
I couldn't convince my little sister to run in this with me when I found out about it because she was appalled that you end up dirty. 
To me I found that as an added bonus.  It washed right off.
So with this weekend planned months ago we had decided to camp and run in this particular race. 
It was a chilly weekend to camp but that made the campfire even more enjoyable. 
There were times this summer when you didn't want to stand within 50' of a campfire because it was just too darn hot.
So we packed up the camper on Friday and headed off on a road trip.
The winter coats, stocking caps, gloves and extra blankets were added to the packing list and we were set.  Nate went out Saturday afternoon and splurged on long underwear for all the kids too.
It really helped keep the legs warm. 
We filled the camper with 4 adults, 4 kids, and 4 dogs. 
And we survived!
It actually was really pleasant and we all got along. 
The worse fight was between Lil Miss and the dogs.  The seemed not to like all the bear hugs and smothering.  Saturday Robin, Lil Miss and I got dressed for the Color Run and headed downtown.
There were all kinds of get ups out there.  People really got into their attire and how they would express themselves during the run.  There was alot of wigs, knee high socks, and even a few unitards.
People watching was its own sport down there. 
 {Robin and I pre race} 
 Lil Miss was great down at the race except for the 20 minutes prior to the start.  When the music started to get louder and LOUDER she started wigging out.  She was way past naptime and was fighting it so bad.  She wasn't going to close her eyes while we were all jumping and doing the wave. 
So mommy had to do some improvising, with Robin pushing the empty stroller I held Lil Miss in my arms and ran the first kilometer until she fell asleep.  Yes, while running (very slowly) she fell fast asleep.  We made it through the Orange color station and she went in the stroller without a peep.
The color throwing people were very really kind trying to avoid throwing the color on the sleeping baby.  Until the blue station.  I was almost all the way through the sea of blue powder and into fresh air when a man walked over and drenched Lil Miss and I in blue cornstarch. 
I was shocked and a little embarrassed as the judgemental eyes of other mother's without their sleeping children covered in blue powder looked at my baby as I passed. 
I felt the need to say to every on looker who couldn't take their eyes off of her "the blue station wasn't kind!"
In reality if that guy wouldn't have dumped a handful of powder on her she would have left unscathed.   But we were doing the Color Run so it is par for the course.
We were still very happy. 

At the end of the race everyone gathers in front of the stage waiting for a countdown to unleash more brightly colored powder out of our own packets.  It is the coolest thing ever.  The sky was just a wash with hot pink, electric yellow, and the prettiest purple color ever!! 
I gave Lil Miss my packet and she got Robin, me, and herself pretty good.
As we were walking away from the race it was the funniest site ever.  People had color in their hair and covering their faces and in a wide array of color combinations. 
{Proud of Lil Miss's second 5K -- in a stroller}
Robin had participated in a Color Run before so she had prepared me to take extra clothes, shoes, wet wipes, and garbage bags.  We cleaned up in the parking lot and the only thing that remained telling people that we were just covered from head to toe in color were my blue sideburns.  
The rest of the group was waiting at the campground for us with warm chili, campfire and Buckeye Football.  How much more could a girl ask for? 
It was a perfect weekend. 
I enjoyed every minute of it.


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