Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday} -- Guest Blogger Project

Okay I am still working on Halloween costumes and a very special birthday gift for someone
and not ready to reveal those just yet.  So any other projects have been put to the wayside.
But to my surprise my new sharing of all things great on pinterest has
led my little sister to do some projects of her own. 
So today I would like to share one of the cute projects she just completed.
By the way, this is completely out of character for her because she isn't usually a glue stick and crafty type of person but I am so encouraged that she is enjoying creating things. 
She made her own dry erase board. 
{My nephew's learning board}
 If you recall from a post way back when I was sprucing up the kitchen I did this as well.
It is as simple as using any old picture frame and placing a patterned piece of paper or fabric in place of a picture.  And as easy as that you have your self a dry erase board. 
Can you believe it?
Beth used a gray piece of chevron fabric to enhance a picture frame from Ikea. 
This is going to be super cute in my nephew's bedroom.
So proud of my baby sis.  Way to Go!!

What an easy way to do room decor and make it functional!!!

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