Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Almost 2 Photoshoot

It's October and at the end of this month it's someone specials birthday.
Lil Miss will be 2!!
I just can't believe two years ago I was a mess of nerves wondering how she was going to
transform this family we had become. 
And oh my, how she has transformed us.
Rosie has learned nurturing while taking care of her.
Bubba is her mare for horsey rides.
and Gigi is her best friend and roommate. 
Last week I took her to Scott County Park one morning to take a few pictures
of her to capture her at 2 years old.
Do you know how hard it is to take photos of a two year old?
She was a little mischievous. 
So we did more informal shots and I gave up on her trying to stare at he camera and say "Cheese!"
I will try again I am sure before her birthday but here is our first try at it.
Peek a boo was her favorite game.
Where am I mommy?
There I am -- for a split second and then I take off!!

We did do some reading.
I love to listen to her read to herself.  
Then we had brought some of the stuffed animals to have a tea party at the park.
She sat all the bears and rabbits out on the blanket and then set the dishes out and put her fruit snack on her plate.  She tried to share her snack with Thumper but he wasn't hungry.  :-)

"Mom, really stop bothering me I am playing here!"
That afternoon we headed to the Duck Pond to feed the ducks. 
I wasn't very productive in cleaning the house this day, but we had fun.
Here she is yelling at the ducks telling them that the stale hotdog bun
she threw in the pond was "RIGHT THERE".
And of course we had to say "Byes" to the Ducks. 
I am really working on her animal sounds and we almost have quack quack mastered.
She doesn't say alot of coherent words so we are taking that one step at a time.  
I wish she cooperated like her little bear..... but *sigh* she did not. 
I guess I will just have to live with top of the head, side profile, and her back as she runs away from me pictures for now. 
Glad I didn't try to pay a professional for this.  LOL
The important thing is that we had fun. 
I'm not even sure I can call this a photoshoot because it was more like playtime.
And it was a mommy/daughter day of tea party playing, running in the woods, and feeding the ducks.
I'll take it any day!! 


  1. So cute!! I think they turned out really well!

  2. Thanks Kristen. A two year old just doesn't want to pose and smile for the camera. At least my almost two year old won't.