Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Tried it Tuesday} --Sock Puppets

The craft this week was a joint effort between my daughter and I.
She brings every craft, drawing, and how to book from the school library home.  She just loves those kinds of books.  Now I love that my daughter loves making things and creating crafty things just like her momma, but when she gets it in her mind she is going to make a particular
fishy aquarium out of the current book, it's mommy's job to have all the supplies. 
And unfortunately we didn't have corrugated cardboard.
My daughter was devastated and corrugated cardboard is now on my supply list from Hobby Lobby.
I looked through the book and looked for one project that she could create from things I all ready had.  I came across some sock puppets. 
They had a different little take on a traditional sock puppet.  The puppets are made from one white sock (stolen from daddy's sock drawer) and a black glove.  Luckily this momma has tons of garden gloves and could spare one.  Rosie filled the top of the sock with a piece of tissue paper to create the Panda head and then put a rubber band around the ball of paper. 
 Then she cut two slits in the sock to squeeze the pinky and thumb fingers from the glove thru. 
The other three gloved fingers control the head. 
The rest of the work is put into the creativity of making the sock into a Panda. 
She cut two circles from black (or gray which we had handy) felt and 2 squares for the eyes. 
A few scrapes from here and there became the nose and mouth and POOF**  we had ourselves a sock puppet.
 Within 15 minutes, after collecting all the supplies, we had ourselves a puppet show. 
Lil Miss was ecstatic with the cuddly little Panda.
Mr. Panda sang songs, told jokes and made a wierd panda like noise. 
Okay it was some what more of a niegh like a horse, but mommy didn't know what sound a Panda made and lil Miss liked it.   
Even Rosie got some love from Mr. Panda. 
It's funny how a little glue and creativity can create hours of fun. 
Rosie has plans to make a whole family of sock puppets now. 
Come spring I won't have any garden gloves left.  :-)
What kind of sock puppet can you create?

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