Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{tried it Tuesday} -- a sneak peak

As for all the projects it seems like I am in the middle of about 20 different things. 
Right now I am trying to crank out a fun unique birthday gift for baby girl and a few halloween costumes for the kids.
At least 3 of the kids are going with the Wizard of Oz theme .. or for our family it is more like the Wiz this year.   I am finished with Gigi's outfit.  Can you guess which character she is going to be?
And I love her new shoes!!!  I am planning on using them for christmas and so many other days to make her outfits sparkle!!
So stay tuned for more pics of all the little projects I have in the works. 
Just know I am a crafting fool. 
My fingers are working as fast as I can.

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