Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just like Mommy

I am constantly getting the "she looks just like you!" comment from people.
And I do see a resemblance. 
But unknowingly little girl got a haircut last week and now she looks more
 like my baby picture than ever!!!

{Mommy at 2 years old}                                                                        {Lil Miss at 2 years old}
That's my mini me. 
I definitely see Nate in her face as well, but it's hard to deny that I am her mom.
When Nate and I were scrounging through some old boxes to find his old cub scout badges to show Bubba we came across alot of good archives.  Like this baby picture, Nate's class First Communion picture which he could name every person in his class EVEN the people that had moved away, a very old and worn Browns cap, and of course all his boy scout stuff.
There were some pretty cool "treasures" in the box. 
I started to put this frame in the box and Nate said I had to scan it in and share it on the blog.
Okay first of all Nate suggesting me to blog anything is shocking, and second of all..... okay let's just say I was shocked. 
So here I am blogging about this baby picture. 
It sat on our desk table for about a month before I got around to scanning it in yesterday. 
Last week, Lil Miss had found it under a heap of papers (who knows how she saw it under the mess) and started talking to the picture.
Literally she had a 5 minute conversation with my photograph. 
It was the cutest thing ever. 
And then when I said we had to go and pick up the kids from school she picked up the frame and did this....
awww... she gave me a hug. 

and a kiss!!
What a sweetheart. 
I don't think she knows it is her mommy as a baby girl, but it warms my heart. 
One more day til this little gir'ls second birthday!!  I cannot believe it.

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