Monday, October 8, 2012

Hopping up and Down in My little Red Wagon

I'm doing it.
I got back on the wagon.
The lose weight so I can be healthy and have a good body image for my daughters to see..... kind of wagon.
So here I am at it again. 
I can't believe that only 5 months ago I was running a 1/2 marathon AND now I am back to running 3 miles and feel so winded and every bone in my body aches. 
Where did all my strength and energy go?
Okay, really I never really had the energy it was fabricated to look that I was really peppy. 
I just took lots of naps.  LOL
Thanks to my sister I am borrowing a jogging stroller so I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn (also known as 5 am!!!) and get my run in before anyone in the house notices I am gone. 
Now, I can drop the kids off at school and grab a snack for baby girl and head out. 
No more falling on the sidewalks because I can't see where I am going.
No more running really fast because I heard something rustling in the bushes and watched to much Law and Order SVU.
No more really tired mommy come 1pm -- oh wait  I still am tired at 1 pm everyday. 
That hasn't changed. 
 {Running in the leaves....nothing more beautiful than a fall run}
But what has changed is that I am up and moving again but this time in the daylight. 
I don't know how much more time I have running outdoors in the morning when the cold spells hit. 
I am going to make the most out of it till I am pushed to running on the eliptical inside because Lil Miss's fingers are frozen from mommy's runs.
I hope to stay motivated from now on. 
That is my key determining factor for why I fall off the wagon. 
Life takes over and my motivation is overrun by every other thing being more important than my goal.
I may need help with this though.  The motivation thing. 
My sister Beth is a huge motivator because everytime I talk to her she has just done a long run that morning and I sit here thinking I should have gotten out of bed and ran too!
So here we go people.
After the 1/2 marathon this spring I said I didn't need to do that ever again. 
Well, I think I want to do it again and this time do it even better!
If you would have asked me the day after, the week after, even a month after, I would have said I did it once that is good enough.  But now that it
is over and the muscle aches have subsided .... I remember that I did it. 
And I did it with a smile and it felt really GOOD.
I want that again. 
I want to run across that finish line with my family standing by cheering me on and
do it with a better time than before. 
So that is my goal.  I am going to run the 1/2 marathon again in 2013.
I ran the Color Run in Des Moines this weekend and it was a BLAST! 
I will definately be doing that again.  Everyone was so happy and it wasn't timed so all you cared about was looking like a rainbow at the end of a very easy 5K.    So it has me definately pumped to keep going and be a fitter me. 
Anyone want to join me?
We can push and motivate each other together. 

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  1. You go girl...I need to get on the bandwagon too!!!