Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Sweetest Things....

It seems like the last week, we have been maneuvering between days of sunshine and days with galoshes.  It sure keeps us on our toes, but makes it hard to plan ahead. 
{Who minds a little rain when you look this cute in rain boots?}
Some days (mostly the rainy, cloudy days) mommy starts out with a little pick me up. 
I have to keep an eye out on my coffee though because little girl seems to sneak sips when I am not looking.  She especially likes the chocolaty goodness at the bottom of the cup. 
She ends each sip with "mmmmmmm".
Not good.
My goal is only going to Starbucks once a week.... but I can strongly say I am still working on that. 
Most days, not everyday, I have been getting a good run in. (to work off that Starbucks) 
Last week I completed 15 miles.  Not too shabby for me. 
It gets a little more challenging when you are dodging rain puddles and piles of wet slippery leaves. 
I have not fallen this month... knock on wood. 

On Saturday morning I started with a nice good feeling run and then started my day. 
Did you hear it was Sweetest Day?
I didn't realize it until I saw someone post it on facebook.  Nate and I don't celebrate sweetest day because everyday is sweetest day... awwwww.  Okay not really but because it is just another made up holiday by hallmark to get you to buy flowers and gifts for your wife.  Did I get that right Nate?
Well, bucking tradition, while I was at Target for the forth time that week I picked up a six pack and sour patch kids and Swedish fish to treat Nate. 
Some of his favorite things.  
I also stopped by a local greenhouse and picked up myself 2 beautiful purple mums to go on the front porch.  I figured if I treated Nate, I could treat myself. 
But to my surprise Nate went with the kids and picked up 2 bottles of wine and a potted mum for my dining room table. 
See how I got that ball rolling ladies.  ;-)  I felt so loved.
He has made me promise that we there are NO more sweetest days anymore. 
Okay, Nate.

I picked up sweets for my other sweeties too. 
Each child got a different kind of candy. 
They were in heaven and I even got the cutest Thank You card ever from Rosie. 
Oh, how I love them!!!! 
Gigi and I went to her first birthday party for a classmate on Saturday afternoon and on the way home we stopped at a park mommy had never been to.
My cute little fashionista was too cute not to snap a few pictures of her. 
This girl literally wants to wear a dress everyday.   

 Momma gave in and let her wear her "Dorthy" shoes to the birthday party because "Mom they match my outfit".  Who could argue?
On Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful. 
After a morning of church and Sunday school, Nate had me slaving away in the kitchen cutting all the veggies for "his" chili for a party later that evening. 
The rest of the day consisted of me toting the kids to their last weekend of cheerleading and flag football while daddy stayed home to make sure the chili didn't burn. (which apparently he can do while watching NFL football and playing Xbox the whole time -- what a multi tasker!  LOL
I loved every minute of the weekend I got to spend with my sweeties. 
I hope there are more weekends like this before it gets too cold. 
I think not, but a girl can wish!!

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