Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Cake!!!

So last night we celebrated someone's second birthday. 
We celebrated a day early because the kids and I are traveling to Ohio for the weekend and we wanted daddy to enjoy some cake too.
Mommy made the cake and we put a Sesame Street theme together. 
 Lil Miss was a big part of helping make the cake. 
whe helped me pour all the ingredients into the mixer and watched it spin around.
When it came time to crack the eggs she even got to crack them. I will just say she is a very good egg cracker. There was only one tiny piece of shell in the bowl. 
 Look at that tiny piece.  What a good job Lil Miss!! 
I think her favorite job was scooping out the batter out of the bowl, though.
She enjoyed every cake covered spatula mouthful she put in her mouth.

Lil Miss was over joyed.  SO much that when she saw the cake and Abby Cadabby sitting on top she went for it. 
Hence the big hole on the top of the cake.  Oh well, it wasn't going to stay perfect for very long anyway. 
 She is at the age where she could sit there and listen to us sing Happy Birthday to her and then we when we said blow out the candles... she did just that.  Like she has been doing it for years! 
 The kids made her a ton of cards. 
Nate estimated at least $10 worth of envelopes were used. 
But Lil Miss took care to open each one up, even if there were 9 from Gigi alone!!
 Lil Miss's birthday surprise was waiting for her downstairs. 
A homemade tee pee (that mommy had been slaving away on the past few weeks and a bonfire complete with white felt marshmallows. 

 {taking a breather inside the teepee}

{a few pillows I made to lay with in the teepee as we read}
I see us enjoying and playing around this all winter. 
Who wouldn't like to be roasting marshmallows inside come January. 
 The big kids love Lil Miss's gift too.
They were showing her how to roast the perfect marshmallows and they know to make mommy's just a little bit burnt.
 Check out this girl cooling her fake marshmallow off before she devours it. 
That's what I wanted.  There imaginations to be at work.
Lots more fun to be had with the new gifts.
 Oh and did I tell you between the eating of homemade pizza and opening of gifts and eating birthday cake we made it to our church's fall festival last night as well. 
Lil Miss was so happy to see horses and we went on a wagon ride. 
What could have been better?
 The kids ran around with some of their friends from school and played games and made a craft. 
It's a good thing they handed out glow stick necklaces to all the kids so we could see them in the dark.
It was a very busy day!
This morning we woke up before birthday girl, and Bubba and I made french toast.
Not just any french toast.  Big Bird's favorite peachy baked french toast from our "B is for Baking" cookbook.   We sang Happy Birthday to the girl at least a dozen times and had a lunch date with daddy. 
Now I have the van packed and in less than an hour we head to Ohio to see the family. 
What a great way to spend a three day weekend.  Sorry daddy we are leaving you at home.  :-( 
See ya soon!


  1. Lynn, that teepee is so cute! Lil Miss looks like she had a great time. :)

  2. thanks brooke! It's not perfect but it was way cheaper than buying one. I am most proud of the special touches I put in it to make it different.