Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!

I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old!!
Time has literally flown. 
It seems like just yesterday she was crawling and now she has figured
out how to get on top of everything. 
Her comprehension of the English language is amazing and even though she doesn't
say alot of words she can have complete conversations with me in "baby jibber jabber". 
Answering each question with just the right amount of almost distinguishable syllables.
It is crazy.
 She's grown like a weed. 
I don't know exact measurements yet (her two year check up is next week) but
she is one healthy little girl.
I want to capture this moment time when she is this innocent (okay not always)
moldable little being where everything is glass 1/2 full and her biggest worry is how to turn sesame street on in the morning.
Can I just stop time right now?
I thought I would document her personality right now at this moment to
look back upon years down the road.
Favorite TV show
Lil Miss is a lover of anything Sesame Street. 
She can pick Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird out from a mile away. 
Favorite Animal
Horses seem to be her favorite animal -- she can make the neigh sound they make and
screams of joy anytime she seems them.
Puppies would be a close second.
Favorite Color
Lil Miss's favorite color is the rainbow.  She loves every color equally and has no prejudices to any one color.
Favorite Toy
Lately it seems to be her doll babies, but she hasn't gotten any new birthday toys yet, so that could change.
 Favorite Song
This one is easy. If you're happy and you know it! She knows all the movements and even sings along. So completely adorable!!!
Favorite Drink
She gravitates to orange juice if she gets to choose. She likes also anything with ice in it.
Favorite Breakfast
Eggs -- egg omelet, scrambled eggs, egg burrito... not hard boiled though.
Favorite Lunch
Pizza ... the girl takes after her mommy.
Favorite Game
She has started to play tag with the kids and runs around the house just giggling.
Favorite thing to Play outside
Riding the gator. She can't reach the pedals yet, but she loves to go for a ride with her brother and sisters.
What does she sleep with at night
Her blankie, a stuffed elephant (Ellie), Minnie Mouse and Twinkle Twinkle playing in the background
 Her Biggest Vice
Sucking her thumb -- it's a work in progress
Favorite Word
Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.....every other word out of her mouth.
She has literally forgotten how to say daddy. I am not complaining.
Thing she wants to wear everyday
Her Jelly Sandals.  They are literally falling apart.
We have been so blessed with Lil Miss in our lives. 
She brings sunshine into our days and when she crawls up on your lap wanting you to read her a story you can't help but do it when she gives you that smile. 
Happy Birthday Love Bug!!!!

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