Monday, January 2, 2012

We had a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

Oh yes we had a Holly Jolly Christmas. We headed back to Ohio for the Holidays and enjoyed the time with our families and friends. Lil Miss was all Naughty around at Grandma's House... getting into everything, literally.

Here she was while we were getting ready to pack stepping into daddy's shoes. She was all proud the she got them on her feet!

Our babies were so adorable for Christmas. Of course mommy had us all color coordinating for pictures, so we ALL looked good. LOL

{The Family}

Here is the Schulte Clan. We have gotten much larger of the past few years and going to add to that by at least one more this year. No not us.. Hahaha ... Jeff and Ash are having baby number 3. I know I have lots of pink stuff if this one comes out girl!!

{The two babies -- Jack and Lil Miss}

Grandma pam cuddling on the two littlest.

The kids all looked so cute in their Christmas best. That was until they were sent downstairs and were all sweaty and disheveled. At least they were having a good time. Josh got a nerf gun from Uncle Neil and him and Bubba had to try it out. Jack and Lil Miss were content playing in the wrapping paper and boxes.

These two look really ornery. I see lots of mischief in their future.

Bubba was styling in his new Chuck Taylors. They have been his footwear of choice since getting them. They apparently go with sweatpants, dresspants, jeans and even pajamas!!!

Lauren received knitted socks for her new American Girl Doll from Grandma Pam. Grandma Pam had made a pair for Rosie and her doll for her birthday. They are warm -- at least that is what Rosie says.

Gigi got spoiled by her Godfather Neil... makeup, a Dora purse filled with candy, and a puppy!!! Thank goodness it isn't a real puppy, but it is annoying all the same as it goes off with a sneeze every one in awhile just to let us know it is there!

Grandpa Bill got a SNUGGIE!! woohoo!!!! Grandma Pam got a matching one as well. They are going to be toasty as they watch movies this winter, or Uncle Neil has plans to use them when he is around. The puppy she gets to take care of with shots, blowing it's nose, and carting it around in its little bag. She is in Heaven!

Uncle Jeff got his teasing in on Bubba. We spent Christmas Eve at Nate's Parents celebrating the holidays and then went to Grandma Judy's to wait for Santa to come. We set out the milk and cookies and Grandma Pam sent us some carrots to give to the reindeer. We tucked in the kids and said good night... and waited for the screaming and excitement of Christmas Morning.

Christmas morning, Bubba was the first one up and he didn't want to wake mommy and daddy up so he sat outside our bedroom door til I walked out with Lil Miss and then he scared me to DEATH!! His other two sisters woke up soon after and by 8 am they were counting how many presents each got and speculating to what was in each brightly colored package!!
They were all smiles, except for Lil Miss who was so tired by the time daddy took a shower, and we had our coffee, and all got settled to open gifts. She only lasted a short time that morning but we got her in a few pictures so it will be all good. Some day when she is older she won't know she slept through most of Christmas morning.

Bubba's happy dance for Santa finding us!!! This was even before he opened his gifts!!!

Last year Lil Miss had no idea what was going on... this year she is starting to catch on, even if the paper is more exciting than the actual gift.

Both Gigi and Lil Miss got tutus for dress up from Santa.

This boy was ear to ear smiles... his first gift he opened was a DSI that he had been praying for since last Christmas.. so everything else was icing on the cake.

{Lil Miss's tutu and accessories}

Rosie got a robe and slippers, High School Musical 3 the movie, High School musical 3 the game and Makeup!! She is already for girl spa days!!

As soon as Lil Miss saw Rosie's Robe she was on top of it... it became her new blanket that morning. We couldn't get it away from her until we layed her down in the pack n play.

Daddy even received a gift under the tree..... Pinochle scores from the day before. I think Kathy and I won that game... if I remember!!

After opening Santa gifts that morning, we had the Blankemeyer side for Christmas at Grandma Judy's. The room was covered in bits of tape, crumbled bits of paper... and pieces of toys to be lost in the shuffle.

These two munchkins were up to no good!! Lil Miss actually wore a dress that I wore when I was little. My sister Kathy made this dress for me, but I don't remember it being that short on me. Lil Miss's ruffles all showed on her tights.

Lincoln was infatuated with Gigi's tea set from Brookey. They were going from room to room having tea parties.

Mommy spent alot of the time trying to keep these two out of trouble.... with not much success.

While in Ohio we got to spend a little time outside. Unfortunately we didn't get to use all the snow gear mommy trudged the whole way to Ohio, then left in Ohio, which needed to be shipped back to Iowa... UGH! But the weather was quite pleasant and the kids made a game of helping Grandma pick up sticks.

Everybody pitched in, even Lil Miss.

They were so proud of their pile of sticks. Kathy they are still waiting on their pennies for each stick they picked up!! LOL I think we disqualified any of them from winning when we aught them stealing from Grandma Judy's pile.
Lil Miss had enough.... time for nap time.
Mommy had to test out Bubba's new rip rider. I am a little to big for it ... I know, but so much fun! Someone had to show him how to do it. Daddy couldn't fit his legs into it.

And of course there was lots and lots of pumpkin pie. Lots of calories were consumed on our holiday trip thanks to pumpkin pie. It's a good thing we have to wait another year to get this much pumpkin pie at once.

Lil Miss getting instructions on how to use the new Kindle Fire that Grandma Pam got the grandkids so they don't touch her Ipad.

The boys were able to fit a few minutes of video time in.... daddy has to remember who recieved the DSI for chirstmas. :-)

Lots of toys were played with... legos, yahtzee, puzzles, books, ripsticks (still at the trying to stand up them phase), blocks, and little people. Let's hope in the packing mommy left a few of the toys at Grandma Judy's house because we don't need all of that here!

The ride back to Iowa was uneventful and everyone just crashed as soon as they got in the car.
And the Luggage and Chrstams gifts exploded in my Dining room!!!
Now for a while we will have to be content on talking to the family on the phone during the winter since we don't have any trips planned back home for awhile. It was a great Christmas and I wished we didn't coem back, because as soon as we stepped into the door nate started ripping up the flooring and starting yet another project. So more on that later. Happy New year to everyone!!!

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