Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Kitchen Reveal

Before Pictures...These are the pictures taken when we bought the house. I would post pictures of before we demolished the kitchen to make way for the counter tops and flooring but these are definitely more dramatic in the transformation!! And I it is extremely rare for my house to look this polished and clean, especially the kitchen where everyone's clutter seems to die.
Sorry for the dog in the picture but he is just a camera hog! This is definitely more my style. We did have our first catastrophe on the tile though, a glass bit the dust. Lil Miss is now tall enough to reach the top of the table and pulled on the placemat. The glass met its end. I am sure that won't be the last time something falls and breaks. We are still working on cleaning up all the trim so that is quite up yet, and with Nate's trip out of the country next week it won't be finished for a little while. BUT at least I have my kitchen back and it is a kitchen to be proud of. Move over Rachael Ray .... Here I come.

{before shot}
The inspector told us there were tons of holes in the walls when they left and he was right. I am a minimalist compared to the homeowner before me!

I think one of the most drastic of changes is replacing that hideously big light fixture they had in the middle of the kitchen. Taking that down instantly made the kitchen seem so much bigger and brighter without the fluorescent bulbs!! I am also so in love with my new sink! The previous sink could not fit even my littlest stock pot under the faucet. Now I can scrub my pizza pans without difficulty. YEAH!!
I always liked to cook, but now you can't get me to leave the kitchen. This week alone we had some great meals (is I do say so myself! LOL). We had cream cheese chicken, spinach feta cheese potato salad, enchiladas, spaghetti and that is only the beginning. I also have a little bit of my grandma with me in the kitchen helping me. One of my prize possessions is my Grandma's punch bowl. Nate has been trying to convince me to pack it away so it doesn't get broken but I just love it so much. Also just because it is packed away in a closet somewhere doesn't mean it won't get broken. I never remember my grandma ever using this punch bowl, but I vividly remember its place in the built in china cabinet in her dining room. I think of her every time I grab a clementine out of the bowl. It just a few short weeks she will turn 105!! Can you believe it! She is only one hundred years and 2 weeks older than Gigi. Thanks Grandma Aggie for letting me have the punch bowl, I love it!!!
So for those of you who haven't been to the house yet to visit, a bit of a virtual tour of our improved kitchen. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part.... the new pantry Nate put in. I am kitchen heaven!!! Now my bulk buying doesn't have to sit in racks in the garage.

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