Monday, January 16, 2012

It's true, you make our day better

Me and the kids are coping.
Wii games.
Lots of UNO games.
Popcorn for supper.
Many books to read.
20 minutes in the snow.
1 hour warming up after being in the snow.
Endless amount of coloring.
Mommy getting work done..... ZERO.
Missing daddy tons!

{Daddy and Me time}

Daddy has been gone for less than 48 hours but he is truly missed. We got to skype him last night and you could immediately see that Rosie was affected. She didn't want to come close and was quiet for a long time after we got off the computer. For a girl who has seen so much loss in such a young life she doesn't like when either Nate or I are gone for a long time. As much as she says it out loud that Dad will be back in 5 days, that doesn't mean her brain comprehends that he isn't gone for good... or that he didn't leave her for good. So by using skype and seeing Dad that is HUGE. So we tried to stay busy to not think about that too much. Before Nate left he showed the kids on a map where he was going and how long it was going to take. They got to see him pack his bags and we all drove him to the airport on Sunday. I had big plans to get lots of things done this week while he was gone, but I fogot it is alot harder when you are the only grown up in a house full of kids who need supervision. So I am lowering my expectations of what I can get done and focusing on not losing my mind! ;-) With expectations lowered I actually feel good about how the house looks (considering) and the few tasks I have been able to accomplish like completely cleaning the bathrooms from top to bottom, to organizing the girls bedroom closets. Woohoo!!!

The girls were outside playing on Sunday as soon as we got back from dropping Daddy off at the airport. Bubba after looking outside decided to stay inside where it was warm. The girls were jumping off the deck into the snow making all kinds of acrobatic moves. It was quite entertaining! When you have lots of padding and snow to break your fall it is amazing how free you can feel falling.
{making snow angels}

{hanging out with friends} On Friday night we got to see some friends for dinner. Being a Stay at Home Mom brings new meaning to seeing friends on the weekends. It is so appreciative when I get to see friends and have adult conversations and NOT argue over who is touching who, or who got more milk in their cup. The older kids stayed entertained with tic tac toe, so it truly was a pleasant night! Lil Miss and Olivia are only a few months apart so it will be fun for them to grow up with close friends like that.

After cleaning Rosie's room last week... it seems like I could do that everyday the way that girl can destroy a room, and we found some things she forgot she had. The big jar of beads was unearthed and they got busy making jewelry. The kids were adorned with bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets. Quite the look!

{the happy dance}
Mommy even joined in the wii playing over the weekend. This is Bubba and Gigi's happy dance after beating mommy. Video games are daddy's forte NOT mommy's.

Yesterday we made homemade pizza rolls, an idea I found on pinterest. They were awesome and the kids loved them. Next time I will have to make two batches though because we ran out of them way to fast. Nothing could be easier with pillsbury cresent rolls, turkey pepperoni, and 1/2 a mozzarella stick cheese. This is going to be a go to recipe espeically since it took only 12 minutes to make! YEAH! Got to love that!!
{new game of hide and seek}
Lil Miss is into the game of Hide and Seek. I will catch her peering around furniture to find me until I notice her and then the game starts. Also another game is stealing mommy's phone. This has become a new hobby of hers.

MOM: "Lil Miss, what are you doing? Is that my phone?"

"you mean this silly old thing? I think you are confused, this is MINE." Our little girl has learned the word MINE. Along with Momma, Dada, Dodger, baba (bottle) she now says MINE!

"I think you better go find something else to go use Momma because I ain't giving this back!!! Try to take it away from this adorable face." Yes yes she was mocking me and until she figured out how to delete my apps it was hers. Then came the tears..... Then it was on to tease another member of the household.

{Lil Miss and Dodger are becoming more of friends... here they are sharing food or maybe dodger was just taking it out of her hand.. not sure which!}

Dodger is the source of Lil Miss's attention alot. She has recently started to pet him. This is strongly encouraged by me because her other ways of playing with him involved sitting on him, pulling his tail or trying to touch his eyeballs. Fun games I am sure, but Dodger probley prefers petting as well! So as you can see we are surviving with out Daddy here... but it sure is easier with him here giving me a hand. Hurry back soon!!

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