Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I feel pretty!!!

Okay if you are wondering, yes we are still working on the construction that is our house. Disarray is the word of the day around here. We did get the foyer painted this weekend and that was a HUGE undertaking, especially when my husband and I have to work together. Let's just say we bickered. I did keep telling him I can't read your mind... and he still would just assume I knew what he was thinking. He thought I was kidding when I told him to tell me every little step. UGH... men. But we got it done. It wasn't pretty at some points when I was precariously hanging onto the ladder, which was stretched maybe a tad little too far over the banister, to trim the ceiling. Teamwork, ugly teamwork, but teamwork nonetheless. I couldn't have done it by myself that is for sure. {Our living room -- crammed with all the stuff from the foyer, closet, bathroom, and dining room)

On Monday night I got my hair done by a beginner stylist. I suggest never doing this. Her training has only been what mommy has taught her and her only clients thus far have been her dolls. (poor barbie) Tugging, twisting, coloring (I chose blue AND purple) and 30 minutes later ......

..... I was ready to go grocery shopping. Maybe not, but it had kept Rosie entertained for a while. Taking much much patience and willpower, I successfully made it through my entire appointment with out getting up and walking away. She was not keen on advice how to do my hair because I did not have a "hair certificate." Green construction paper with crayon markings scribbled on it and her signature (which she is getting really good at in cursive) apparently accounts as a "hair certificate". She had thought of everything. I had tried to avoid her doing my hair by telling her I only let certified people work on my hair. No such luck when she came up with the flimsy green "certificate".

I don't know where I got these girly girls from, but mommy rarely leaves the house with makeup ON. Both my older girls were begging for makeup from Santa this year and Santa delivered for Rosie. Uncle Neil came through for Gigi, who got her first makeup set complete with press on nails. She was in heaven!! So Tuesday we got out her OWN makeup bag and had a little mani - pedi.

When we had her nails all done and her hair all fancy, she commented that because she looked so pretty today that we should go out for lunch. How can I argue with that?? So we went out for lunch. Her request was any place with mac and cheese, so we chose Chili's. The food was scrumptious and the girls did SOOOO good. Gigi was entertained by a game thingy at the table (it was actually hard to get her attention to even talk to her mommy) and Lil Miss was content coloring. They are just so grown up!

{She's a righty!}
On Wednesday we conquered another battle... baths. Lil Miss recently has not enjoyed bath time. We kick and scream and cry when even close to the tub. This usually is followed by quickly getting her hair wet and wiping down really fast and getting her out. Last night I was a mean mommy and made her stay in the tub awhile (holding on to her and managing to keep her from clawing her way out) and miraculously after about 5 minutes she actually started to play. YEAH!!! One thing to note is that she hates running water. If the faucet is on she freaks. So we filled the tub and kept her out until the water was in and that seems to be a tad better. She wasn't all crazy about the bathtub and never once sat down in the water but it is a baby step in the right direction. This happened all of a sudden. She used to love the water and baths and then about 3/ 4 months ago she wigged out and wanted nothing to do with it. I hope this is a start to a more calming bath experience from now on. Now we can all feel pretty and clean!!!

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