Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am still chuckling. You know there are just some things that kids say that are so darn cute!! Tonight we were skyping daddy (YEAH) and each of the kids had a turn talking to him. We learned from the previous nights that if everyone is in the same room trying to talk to daddy on the computer that daddy can't hear a word. So one at a time they came in to say Hi. At the end all three girls were on my lap saying their goodbyes
Me: "We will see you in two more days, you look very tired I will let you go. Lil Miss only wants to be held right now so I need to go find something to keep her occupied because she wants the computer and my phone and she can't play with those."
Rosie: "Mom why are you talking about the bathroom?
Me: "Huh? What do you mean?" (I was clearly stumped to what she meant... I am sure I was looking at her with a horribly weird confused look -- one I am trying to replicate to the computer right now for no apparent reason... yes, yes I am Lame!)
Rosie: Occupied means someone is using the bathroom and she isn't in the bathroom."
Me : (stifling a giggle) "Honey, Yes it does mean that someone is in the bathroom BUT it also means to keep someone busy, like your baby sister."
Rosie: "Oh, we use that word at school when someone is using the restroom and we have to wait."
Daddy -- laughing from Brazil -- "Yes honey you are actually correct it does mean someone is in the bathroom." (for those of you who know Nate well -- he DID use the word ACTUALLY -- on side note our oldest daughter has taken to overuse the word TECHNICALLY to correct us as well. Like father, Like Daughter)
Me: " That is one I need to write down!"

Oh the joys of a child's brain and the craziness of the English language where a word has multiple meanings. The has definitely put a smile on my face after a kind of blah Wednesday. Happy Wednesday everyone!!! LOL

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