Sunday, January 22, 2012

He's HOME!!!

Daddy is home.
There were lots of hugs.
Lots of catching up on sleep.
But he is home and life is back to normal.
{eating lunch in the car waiting for daddy's plane to land!}
The girls and I went to pick daddy up from the airport. He could have drove and parked at the airport, but I thought it would be good if the kids and I all last Sunday dropped him off to see the airport and see where he was going. SO, Friday morning me and the girls went to pick him up. This was also the morning it decided to have a snow storm, a beautiful large snow flake falling at just the right density to be absolutely breathtaking if you weren't having to drive in it. The girls and I swung through the panera drive thru and headed to the airport. We had ordered a sandwich for daddy too just in case he was hungry, and was mommy right? One of the first things he said after getting in the car, after saying hi and that he missed us, was that he was starving. Picture this wife whipping out a hot bacon Tuscan chicken sandwich and being the wife of the year. YEAH! A large Pepsi was also sitting there for him to enjoy. Nate went through a little temperature shock going from 90* in Sao Paulo to 9* in the Quad Cities.

{Daddy's plane landed!!!}

It wasn't 5 minutes that he was home before he was lacing up his boots to snow plow the driveway and sidewalk. Gigi didn't want him to leave so she bundled up and went out with him. She was a BIG helper.

Lil Miss and mommy stayed inside where it was warm.

Daddy returned just in time for a nice snow storm and at least 5 inches of snow.

{Gigi making a path through the grass}

{I was amazed out well she scooped the snow. It was the most perfect fluffy snow!!!}

{making up for lost time cuddling with daddy -- fuzzy picture from my iphone but so cute I couldn't pass it up!}
The two older kids couldn't wait to get home from school to hug daddy. On our way home from school, Bubba had big plans to ask daddy to play pig outside. I was the barer of bad news reminding him that the driveway was covered in snow and it would be impossible to bounce a basketball outside today. Mean mommy! The rest of the night we just cuddled in the basement relaxed. Daddy was so tired that he was talking and doesn't even remember. It was an early night for all of us.

{this is NOT fun... painting a foyer, UGH!}
Nate didn't rest up much getting into the projects around the house right away. Currently we are in the middle of painting the foyer before he installs the wood floor. We made a pack last night that all other projects we will higher professionals for. We are so over the home projects!!!

{got the supplies...not the motivation!}

{Lil miss now has her own doo rag to match her sisters, the girls didn't want to leave her out. She pulls it off quite nicely. The girls where these to bed to keep their hair nice overnight and to not touch the cotton pillowslips that dry out their hair. }

Yesterday we took a break to watch Bubba play basketball and see Rosie cheer at a 1st grade basketball game. They did a little half time show and cheered on the sidelines for the second half of the game. She did great and was all bubbly with energy like a cheerleader should be. This is new territory for mommy since I was a basketball girl, not a cheerleader kind of girl. She loves it though!!

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