Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All in a Days Work

We've been working. Nate has been putting in blood, sweat, and tears (cursing) into our floor. It started last Wednesday night with the start of a few boards.... and tonight we are have the foyer done and a few more boards to do in the bathroom. What an Accomplishment!!! I am not sure how much wood is actually on the floor.... most of it seems to end up in Nate's fingers. He is full of holes from all the splinters he has picked out each finger. Nate worked through the weekend non-stop. Wait, he did stop to help coach Bubba's basketball game and then back to work. Mommy trys to help when she can. I was helping schlep boards to dad for the floor, watching our rather rambunctious children, making breakfast, lunch and supper, and planning freezer meals for the month.

Lil Miss was content having her own little cooking show while Mommy was in front of the stove cooking a tasty new recipe. Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells.... three pans prepared and put in the freezer. {they looked so pretty} {de ja'vu .... working, working, working}
The kids were so gracious to play and keep in the basement or in the office for the last few days, but Sunday night they were getting a little pent up with energy. I was hearing "I am Bored!" "I did that yesterday" and "No more coloring please!" so much that I had to have an intervention of fun. I took the roll of blue painters tape and started to stick it to the carpet. My children's mouths dropped when mommy was making a mess on the floor. It was about 75% of the way through before they figured out what I was doing. Bubba raced up to his room and came down with a handful of matchbox cars to have races. There were some tears and cars began to "fly" to cross the finish line first. But it cured the boredom blues.
On Monday, Mommy was aching to do something productive. Cleaning was out because any dusting or sweeping would be useless to the dirty machine that is called my husband. So I headed down to the sewing machine Monday morning with Gigi and we worked side my side.
We took a mini break to take Lil Miss to her 15 month appointment. She faired well. Our little girl is 23.4 lbs. and 31.25" long. Growing and right on track!!
Tonight I snuck away from the construction for about 15 minutes to finish my third sewing project. It isn't hemmed yet, but I am anxious for Rosie to try it on tomorrow to see how it fits. I am proud with how the Sash Dress turned out. I LOVE LOVE the fabric. I plan on getting a pattern for a petticoat to put together and have her wear underneath to fill it out a little bit more. More to come.....


  1. Hi Lynn! The dress looks amazing! And so does the stuffed shells :) Did you have a recipe you followed?

  2. I am posting the recipe as we speak... it's really good! But I did substitute cottage cheese for ricotta and fat free chream cheese for cream cheese. Enjoy!!