Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitchen "Aide"

It's a new year and the Schulte's are ready for it. The beginning few days of the 2012 started with us being really cozy with one another as we started yet another home project! Before the bags were unpacked and all the toys were put away from Christmas the crow bar came out and Nate started demolition. For over a week I went without a kitchen floor, stove, washer/dryer, kitchen table, AND my sanity!

{She loves the noise makers.... go figure!}
So we brought in the New year with a Bang... literally!!! Nate has incorporated alot of help in the form of three little helpers. Rosie is getting quite well at using a dust pan, Bubba is a pro at the tape measure, and Gigi was good at hauling things downstairs as they are needed for mommy to cook a "semi" homemade supper in the microwave. On January 3rd the kitchen floor started to take form. Knowing our limit, we acquired the help of Lowe's for the tile floor. I think this was a wise decision so weren't living in chaos for 4 weeks instead of 4 days!! I know Nate and I have a hard time asking for too much help and we like to do things for ourselves (except paint walls right, pam and bill?) but hiring a kitchen "aide" was not a bad idea for something we have never done. Oh yes we could have googled all the videos on how to lay a tile floor, but I like having a professional doing things right! Especially since I spend most of my time in the kitchen and really enjoy a level floor!! LOL

On Nate's request I took lots of pictures as they installed the floor. I sent Nate updates throughout the day. The two little girls were sequestered in the basement for the 4 days. We found crafts, UNO, hide and seek and puzzles to keep us busy.

{The end of the 2nd day}

{the end of the third day... coming together}

{Here comes the grout}

The finished project was a floor a girl could love!!! It is such an improvement from the way it was before!!! I could not wait to fill the kitchen with stuff to see it come all together.

A new picture graces the wall in the kitchen now, it was a great find with my sisters and mom after Christmas. Fits Perfectly, Thanks Girls!!

Lil Miss wanted to be out in the action, after a few days she got tired of being put in the office only to watch what was going on and not be in on the fun.

So when she finally was let out of her "cage" she was as in love with the floor as mommy was!! I see alot of playing in the kitchen as mommy gets supper on. She just loves her little people and has just started more of imaginative play as opposed to just putting things in her mouth. It is just amazing to see how they develop. The other kids are excited to have the Kitchen back too!! No more breakfast downstairs at the bar. It so much more cozy as we sit in the inviting room slurping our spaghetti and reliving the days events. Although not all the construction is done, it is a great accomplishment to have this one room back. The construction gets put on hold until Nate gets back from Brazil and then (crossing my fingers tightly) it won't take too much to put the hardwood floor down in the dining room, foyer, and 1/2 bath. I have been warned sternly by my husband to not create any more projects for a LONG time. We will see!! wink wink

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