Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shortbreads, Tag A Longs, and Samoas

Oh yes I know they aren't called Samoas anymore they are called caramel melt something or other but they will always be samoas in my heart. We are selling Girl Scout Cookies! I say this with mustered enthusiasm since I love that my daughter is doing something that she loves (Daisys) but I HATE with a passion selling things. Rosie has 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to sell... 100. For a first year Daisy who hasn't done this before (and her mom who will have to help her through this every step of the way) this is a daunting task. I have tried to use the reasoning with Nate that your daughter is in Girl Scouts because she wants to be like you because you were in boy scouts... but he doesn't seem to buy it. He also has great experience of selling door to door with selling popcorn all those years through cub scouts, boy scouts and eagle scouts... that is alot of know how on how to sell door to door. Mommy has no experience. I grew up living in the country where our closest neighbors were not right next door where you could walk your little red wagon to sell some goodies. I had to do some mileage with that little red wagon if I wanted to sell something. So my mother let us sell to relatives and that was that. {I am writing this blog so my husband who reads this will feel sorry for his wife and come to my rescue and be the Cookie Selling Machine at our house} Our little girl is excited though. She took her first order via Skype tonight and she is stoked. We haven't even gotten the cookies yet and she wants to call everyone we know. Her type A extroverted personality will come in handy later in life, but this mommy is not excited going door to door to sell cookies. I am even nervous to stand at the road while she goes ring the doorbell. I am such a coward!! :-) My big motivation though is that her troop has set a goal of selling 100 boxes each and I really want her to achieve her goal and not have mommy and daddy buy the last 50 boxes. That would not be good for our new year diets!! So wish us luck on this endeavor and I will keep you posted on how this goes. I feel like she has 19 boxes sold already, that is about 20% so we are a 1/4 of the way there. (I have checked my math and think that I am accurate on this statement. :-) In addition to selling door to door not being my forte, math isn't either! LOL) So Girl Scouts Unite and let the cookie temptations begin.

Lots of willpower will be needed in the next month and 1/2 to stay away from the samoas.......

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