Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chirstmas. Home. Family.

Today we had our family chirstmas, Mommy and Daddy gave our presents to the kids and to each other. It was only a few gifts but it meant something to us to give something special to them. Each of the kids got a project to do with daddy, such as making a treasure chest or bug barn, whre they will get to hammer, nail, glue and paint all with Daddy. He is looking forward to this. He does really enjoy spending time with each of them alone, just like I do to... and this way they get to be outside and work with daddy and his tools. {we tried this picture a few times... then mommy gave up!}
This morning we started with church and when we got back the kids couldn't wait to open the presents under the tree. (This little gift opening saves us from hauling a few less gifts back to Ohio for the holidays. Lil Miss was a Dead Man Walking when we got back from church so we had her open her gifts first then she went off to bed while the other kids hooted and hollered while opening the rest. We tried a kid picture in front of the tree... but that was a disaster. I think they were too wound up on sugar -- oh wait we hadn't made cookies yet, I don't know what was in them maybe to much excitement but they couldn't sit still! Rosie was going from the chair to the couch bouncing on furniture literally!

{where do I start?}

{Lil Miss took her time opening her gifts} {it's what I always wanted!!!!}

{the kids got me and wrapped like a tootsie roll, a garden apron AND it has Komen on it!}

{our John Deere girl}
{proud owner of a new craftsmen hammer}

{a gift from Bubba to mommy!! I love!!!} {doing the happy dance}

{the moment he realizes what is in the box!!}I told Nate to be ready with the camera when Bubba opened his third and final box... I was right. Daddy captured the moment he saw what it was... a Green Bay Packers Jersey and not just any Packer's Player... A.J. Hawk a Buckeye alum.


{Rosie gave Daddy a gingerbread man she made in art class}

{our little puzzle maker}

{mommy's little helper}
After opening gifts, Rosie and Daddy headed out to run a few errands and get lunch and Bubba and I started the Cookie Making Marathon. We cranked up the Christmas tunes and put on the aprons and got to work.

{this picture should have video -- because he was jamming out to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!!}

Cookie Making marathon -- just a few of the ingredients.

{Posing in his new jersey!!}
The cookie making came to a halt when the dishwasher started to leak water everywhere ... so I will continue that tommorrow. We did get to sneak in the making of a gingerbread house before going to bed tonight. Check out our handy work. Daddy wants proper tools next year and gave me lots of advice with what doesn't work... thanks for the help honey. So I think next year he is in charge of the gingerbred making project. Mommy was more worried about the decorating not so much the construction. Lil miss even got into the project by warming up the icing for me by playing with it!! See the whole family was involved!! The three older kids were the general laborers, mommy was the decorating supervisor, Lil Miss was concrete mixer, and Daddy was the Foreman shouting directions from the sidelines but not wanting to get his fingers dirty!! We work like a well oiled machine. LOL Oh the memories.... it was a great day. Can't wait to scrapbook it!!! :-)

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