Monday, December 12, 2011

if you just believe

Have I said I love this time of year yet? :-) I have really been enjoying the holidays. The reason behind not blogging as frequently lately isn't because of the amount of things I have to get done... all my Christmas shopping is done, decorations are up, Christmas cards are all addressed (as of 30 minutes ago ) but I have been really enjoying my time lately. Can you believe last week mommy had 3, count them 3, nights out!!! I can hardly believe it. On Sunday night, a friend invited me to a women's dessert gala, Monday night was a girl's night out with the Quad City Moms blog that I have grown to love, and Thursday night was rest for mommy while I got my hair colored and cut. I feel so refreshed and pampered by this week. Not to mention we also had a birthday to celebrate... Bubba turned 6!!!! My children are growing up way too fast. Why does it feel like I am not aging and they are? I think I am still 29!! ;-) Tuesday morning was also St. Nick's Day. Now growing up we didn't really celebrate this German tradition but Nate did. So of course we celebrate it!! It's like Halloween -- mommy never did the whole dress up thing for Halloween growing up so now I am making up for it by going all out for Halloween. St. Nick has gotten less elaborate over the last 3 years. The first year St Nick stuffed so much in the stocking that there wasn't an inch of space left. They were showered with small toys, pjs, books, coloring books, socks, everything St Nickolas could find to fit in the stocking. Then last year St Nick put the brakes on it a little bit with of course their Christmas pjs and a few things with a little air left in each stocking. But this year I think he really found his sweet spot. Each kid got the cutest Christmas pjs, toothbrushes, candy cane and one other item. The stockings were even light enough to be hung after being filled.... I cannot always say that was the case. {buddies}
Mommy is a freak when it comes to pictures and the Christmas pjs are a perfect way to have that perfectly coordinated picture Christmas morning with the matching pjs. How many more years can I make that work? I am thinking mommy is going to be really sad one of these years because the kid's aren't going to think it's cool to like their brother and sisters anymore. Tears will be shed I am sure... by me of course. More signs that they are growing up way too fast.
For Bubba's big 5 birthday we made his favorite pizza. The kids got to pitch in helping and everyone got to put their own toppings on their OWN pizzas. Mommy got "infinity" stars for this one. That is out of a 5 point system that we have been using. "Infinity" stars is the highest points any meal can be given! I think mommy scored big on this one.
Most of the mushrooms were eaten out of the can before they went on the pizzas... and sorry daddy but Lil Miss likes the mushrooms!! Just like her momma!

Bubba couldn't wait for the pizzas to come out of the oven.

Our Bubba isn't a big cake fan. In fact, for school treats we brought doughnuts and orange juice instead of cupcakes. So for a birthday treat we took him to Coldstone Creamery for the first time. We usually hit up Whitey's for Ice Cream, but thought we would try someplace new for Bubba's big day. They loved watching their gummy bears, sprinkles, white chocolate chips be mixed in their ice cream. Ewww... yes I know, but they were all smiles eating their mint ice cream with gummy bears. Makes my stomach turn. Lil Miss is also a fan of ice cream, she was not happy when we came to the end of the cup. An ice cream addict just like daddy.
Birthday gifts were an attempt at putting the fun in education. Lame, I think not. He got a Darth Vader Alarm Clock (practical because it has him getting up without mommy being the bearer of bad news and he can learn to tell time) and a start on his own library. The girls and I picked out 7 books just for him. He got Star Wars books, a Kung Fu Panda chapter book, books about ninjas, and more. He was excited and that's what we needed in this household. I was waiting for him to be excited to read. Now when I ask him to get a book to read he can't wait to hear the next chapter. I am so glad, this mommy was wondering if he cared if he ever learned to read. He does have an older sister who would be glad to everything for him that reading was pretty much an option. :-) So I know it sounds like a lame birthday gift... but my man was all smiles. It helps that 1 book was "How to be a Jedi"

Other than eating cakes, desserts, and ice cream last week (i don't really even want to see the scale this week) we had a pretty normal week. Lil Miss was as ornery as ever. Her new thing is stealing people's hats and taking off around the house. We call her the "hat snatcher". Also Lil Miss learned how to give kisses this week and trying to put her own shoes on. Bubba is not too excited about these sloppy baby kisses from his sister.... mommy ooooos and aahhhhs.

Bubba is really coming in to his own on Tae Kwon Do. If you can see his little head behind the punching bag, he was really kicking hard on his blind side kicks. During sparring this week, I got my first look at him putting what he has been learning to practice. it was so cute with the two little boys trying to fight each other. My little man even made the other boy cry -- which is frowned upon but as his mother I was secretly saying "look at my little man go!"

Daddy found some quiet time this weekend. He might even be so relaxed in this picture he fell asleep. LOL

And of course I found time this weekend to bake and cook. I have really started to LOVE to cook. Any excuse to try a new recipe is okay in my book. I tried a recipe of pinterest, oreo cheesecake minis. They got 5 stars for Nate!! WooHoo!! Gigi was all hands in helping so she could swipe all the broken ones. My kind of girl!

I think I will be making these again this week to freeze for Christmas, time to stock pile for the holidays back in Ohio.

I am really trying this year to make Christmas about Jesus. We read stories about Jesus and talk about the manger and Jesus's birth many times throughout the day. My advent wreath is getting its first use this year. I made it many moons ago but the initial candles I bought with it had never been burnt. I know shame on me. but now every Sunday we light the candles talk say a little story about the advent wreath, talk about scripture and talk about the birth of Christ again. It's music to mommy's ears when I hear it even being talked about on a daily basis. Without mommy prodding I am hearing the kids talk about Jesus and the wise men -- or the fancy kings Rosie likes to call them. I think not really being stressed about the holidays has really helped and we have got to enjoy it. This week I also had the kids go through all the toys and pull out toys we don't play with anymore and give them to kids who don't have toys or as much as we do. The kids were able to fill a big garbage bag. I was very proud of them. Santa better put them on the nice list!

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