Monday, December 5, 2011

the stockings are hung

How I love to get all the Christmas decorations out and decorate a new house. it was fun to figure out where we would put everything throughout the house. Of course a few new items had to be purchased too!!! {stockings all hung by the chimney with care} {Christmas village}
The kids (even lily too) helped us put the village up. It is high enough that the little miss can't destroy it!!

{Our Traditional Christmas Tree}

{our downstairs kid tree} A super girly tree... I love it!!! Last year this was in the girls room, but to make things fair we put it downstairs this year.

Tiki, our elf on the shelf showed up last week. He has been hiding all over the house getting into mischief. I love the look on the kids face in the morning when they notice he is missing and when they find him again. I just want to bottle up the magic!!!

{our advent wreath}
We light the appropriate candles at supper every Sunday. It is a great time to reiterate the meaning of Christmas.
{did I mention I love decorating my mantels?}

Yesterday we took off to go see SANTA!!! We headed to the Family Museum a place the kids always love. The three oldest kids sat very quietly as they were read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The reader was very animated and had a great voice for the Grinch.

Gigi was super tentative up on the big guy's lap. She happened to be the first one so my little shy girl was scared. I don't think she said a single word while she was up there.

Rosie was ALL smiles... she asked for her two front teeth of course!!!

Bubba was a listening intently to Santa as he told our man about being good to his sisters. Bubba asked for a DS and a candy cane. Fortunately for us he got a candy cane after stepping off Santa's sleigh... 1 down!

{Santa and Lil Miss}
Lil Miss's experience with Santa was so precious. She was looking up into his friendly face and after a few seconds she put on the charm and gave him one of those smiles and put her head on his shoulder.... it was sooo darn cute! Little ornery gril is trying to get off the naughty list!!

Gigi trying to dance with the polar bears.

I just love this picture. Bubba just hanging out with his daddy.

{our little boy!}

I love this time of year... seeing the lights all up outside, hearing Christmas music everywhere, and seeing family and friends so often at Christmas parties. I feel so happy this year. I have so much to be thankful for, I haven't anything to complain about. With almost all my shopping done I haven't been irritated by long lines, or grouchy people at check out lines.... I've just been so cheery. And now I haven't been sneaking into the liquor cabinet before I go shopping. I literally don't let it get to me. my advice to you is to remember the meaning of Christmas and don't get stressed this time of year, enjoy every minute of it because before we now it 2012 will be here!

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