Sunday, December 18, 2011

I really like being sung to!

I am a happy girl. I am so proud to be mommy to my four little blessings. This week they have shown me extraordinary things. It was the last week for the three oldest swimming lessons. They have grown so much in their first session of swimming lessons. Each one has grown more confident in the water, our little Gigi was scared to get her eyes wet but yet the second class she was going completely underwater. Such a proud mommy!!!

The UPS man has visited our house a couple times this week -- some people's gifts have landed on our door step -- and I always love to get the bright orange packages on our porch. Our Shutterfly Christmas cards came this week, oh I know I am usually one of the first ones to get them out but our pictures didn't get back until thanksgiving. I excitedly opened the orange box to see how they turned out and they didn't disappoint. The best part isn't stuffing the envelopes and addressing the envelopes and putting stamps on and putting them in mail. The BEST part is getting Christmas cards in return. {Christmas cards... luckily I have a little girl who likes to like envelopes!} It's the one time a year I really am like a little girl running to the mailbox to see who's card will be there today. Unlike after Christmas when all we get is bills in the mail... it's definitely not as exciting!

{a few of our cards}
{engrossed in sesame street}
In the morning as we get ready for school I hear the soft strains to sesame street in the background... its a cult. My girls are instantly sucked into the tv... and mommy has 5 minutes before they get bored to comb her hair and put deodorant on. That's about it before my "mommy" time is over.

{card sharks in the making}
Occasionally I come home to a picture perfect picture. Tuesday night was one of those nights. I walked into the house to a battle of UNO, a very intense game I must say. Daddy is pretty cutthroat, he couldn't end without a win!

{Riley and Gigi}
It was all dress up on Friday as we watched a friends daughter. Gigi was so excited to have someone to play with while her older brother and sister were at school. So much more fun than just hanging out with mom.

On Friday the kids had their winter arts program at school. They had been giving us "preview" concerts at home but to see them up on stage was so cute. Their were sooo many parents and grandparents there in the crowd and you could see every child as soon as they walked on stage looking for their mom or dad. I felt so helpless in the back of the room in the dark with three other girls, literally ALL on my lap, and not being able to get the attention of Rosie and Bubba up on stage. But when the lights came on after each of the performances the sight was priceless as Bubba caught sight of Gigi on Daddy's shoulders, or the smile that spread across Rosie's face when she saw me and Daddy in the back. I would have been heart broken if they would have thought we weren't there. As obsessive as I am we have videos of all the performances and as soon as I have time I will post a few. I come to the realization that when my kids grow up they are going to be overwhelmed at all the videos, photos, and art work their mommy took and kept to capture their childhood and keep it close to my heart.
{Hip Hop reindeer}

{All smiles for her recital}
On Saturday was Rosie's big day for her cheerleading/tumbling recital. For mommy it was a LONG day for a 2/3 hour recital just to see Rosie cheer in the LAST song of the recital. What we do for our daughters! Nate was relieved that Bubba had his last basketball game at the same time so that he had a way out. ;-) Good thing mommy caught it all on tape.

The program was through the YMCA, such a great organization and easy for the girls to get there feet wet in something new to see if they like it without paying an arm and a leg!!!

Sitting patiently for her big sister to grace the stage was Gigi. She was such a good girl sitting through all that time of watching little girls up on stage muddle through renditions of Barbie Girl, but my girl loved every minute of it. She sat at the edge of her seat clutching the program asking when Rosie was going on. The highlight was when "Colors of the Wind" came on (from Pocahontas, you Disney novices) and her eyes lit up and she almost screamed the words from her seat. This is a movie she has watched at least 100 times in the car. It never fails if you ask her what movie she wants to watch that she will answer with Pocahantas.

{Rosie and her flowers from Daddy}

We came home with Roses in Rosie's room. She was ecstatic and Daddy was number one in her book.

{Uh.... I didn't do this seriously mom!}

While mommy is slightly distracted, folding laundry or addressing Christmas cards this is what happens. It is a never ending cycle and you would be amazed at what a mess this little girl can create.

I blame my new found love of pinterest for many of the insane Christmas gifts I made. The most elaborate being the 12 days of Christmas for the teachers. Mommy and the kids have spent a few nights putting together the poems and items that have gone with every gift. They are everything from popcorn, dry erase markers, clipboards, chewing gum, and apples. I tried to have the kids do it as a secret santa so the teacher didn't know who it was from everyday... but that did not last even one day. They can't keep a secret at all. The next 4 days are all ready and sitting in a row down stairs to go to their star teachers who have really helped my children in the last 4 month learn alot. The kids get to share in mommy's love of giving. Love it!!! Only 7 more days to Christmas ..... I can hardly wait!!!

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