Friday, March 1, 2013

Being Truthful Hurts

Okay I am nervous. 
Beyond nervous, I am getting a little scared. 
See, it is T minus 9 weeks until the 1/2 marathon I am running in.
I am insane.
Who signed me up for this SECOND 1/2 marathon?
This year I can't blame it on my sister conning me into it.
It was all ME and I am only to blame. 
{I am not one of those girls who glows when sweating. I look like a wet dog.}
If you would have asked me the day after the Cap City 1/2 marathon
last year if I was going to run another 1/2 marathon, I would have said No.
If you would have asked me 3 months later if I was going to run it again, I would have said No. 
September came and I picked up my running shoes again and opened the Nike Running app I use and it informed me that it had been 104 days since my last run. 
Yes ladies, I had stopped running completely after I crossed that finish line.
It was like starting back at square one.  I could barely run a mile. 
Seriously after running 13.1 miles only 3 months before, I was out of shape and back to my old self. 
{keeping hydrated}
So I started to run again. 
Not anything consistent, but I would strap Lil Miss into the jogging stroller and run to work up a good sweat.  For me, I don't have to go far to work up a sweat.  LOL
I didn't fall in love with running, but I got back in the swing of things. 
About November I started thinking about the 1/2 marathon again and played with the idea of maybe, just MAYBE, I would sign up one more time. 
My thoughts were "I've done it once, I can do it again."
Not a good mind set. 
I started "training" which I can hardly call it that, because I was not running consistently and postponing runs because of sick children, sick mommy, too much to do, too cold, any excuse you name it. 
To make matters worse, we have had very cold weather and lots of snow. 
I would much rather run outside than anywhere else but I am clumsy and don't even chance it if it is slippery.  There have been a few times I have ended with my face in the mud.  Literally.
So I have to take my butt to the gym and run on the track or treadmill. 
Which would be great, if my baby wouldn't start bawling as soon as we pull into the YMCA parking lot.  It's like she knows mommy really needs to get a run in and she is going to see how dedicated I am. Sadly she wins most of the time. 
I hate being the mommy bringing the screaming/crying child and pulling her little fingers off of my coat and running for the door.  What a bad mommy!!!
I hear her cries of "hold me" and melt.  Wimp.
So if I can't run outside in 8 degree weather and 12" of snow and can't go to the gym without Lil Miss giving me fits, I am stuck at home thinking I need to be running..... but not.
{I go round and round in circles on the track at the gym}
So now it is 9 weeks away and I am freaking out!!
I have been running the last 3 weeks on a schedule, but as life would have it I've been sick and the kids have been sick more than any other time in my life.  Of course. 
It hit me really hard when a week ago, I talking about going to Columbus for the race and my husband responded "you are running in it?"
Okay, my husband is usually sleeping when I go out running in the morning, but if he isn't seeing me dedicated into this training I have a problem. 
So I am putting this out there, because I am going to really kick it into gear. 
My only goal for this year was to run the whole thing, which I didn't do last year. 
NOW my goal is just to complete it like I did last year. 
Those are my expectations. 
Nothing spectacular but this girl is not a runner.
I am a fat girl pretending I can run.
So the excuses stop now and I am doing this thing. 
The truth hurts that I am not where I want to be on this running journey so
I may need motivation and encouragement along the way because life is well, LIFE.
Let's see what I can do!!!

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  1. You can do it mommy! Maybe Lily will like it better if Olivia is there with her. If it helps we can be there on Thursdays and Fridays!