Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bettendorf Family Museum Fun

Last week we got snow.  Enough snow for a snow day.
We had fun in the snow.  Last year, we barely had any snow and there were so few days we could play in the and build snowmen, but this year we have made up for it. 
I love that the kids are big enough now that I don't have to bundle myself up every time the kids want to go out and jump in the snow.  I can limit my time in the snow to when Lil Miss goes out.   
Lil Miss likes the snow.
Eating it.
Licking it.
Falling in it.
 But heaven forbid her boot fall off and her foot go in the snow.... then we don't like it.
Okay, I wouldn't like it either. 
 I am ready for spring and am hoping that this was our last little snow storm.
So I wanted to post our last snow pics of the season.
 Sunny Snow Days are the best!!!
Dodger is ready for spring too!!  
The day after the snow day the kids had an early out. 
I had already done the "stay at home play in snow thing" with the kids
the day before, so I surprised the kids with a visit to the local Family Museum after school.  
Lil Miss and I are there almost every Monday morning for a toddler music class, but the big kids hadn't been there since it had been all re done so they were in for a big surprise.
They have a whole area called Fox Hollow with a pizza shop, ice cream stand, a barn playhouse and much much more.
View from the second floor of the barn.  I was getting the screaming Lil Miss down who is recently scared of heights.  The rope bridge was too much for her. I wanted to stay up there and play but she wanted on solid ground.
I had my own personal pizza delivered with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers.  My favorite!
Bubba played fireman.
It was a fun, cheap (because we have a membership) and out of the ordinary day. 
I love what they have done to the place.

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