Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break Prep

We are T minus 12 hours until our Spring Break trip.
Like last year, daddy is too busy at work to take any time off so the kids and I
are going on our own adventure again. 
Last year we spent most of the time in Ohio (my grandma Aggie passed away while we were there) so this year we decided to spend the time in Tennessee at my Mom's house. 
I convinced my sister Kathy and my mom to meet us there so I have some additional adults to help keep my sanity.
 We are hoping for lots of sunshine but I am preparing for any kind of weather.
That means twice as much clothes to pack with winter coats and hats to shorts and swimsuits.
I also have compiled over the last few weeks activities to keep us busy.
I picked up a few low cost items like kites, cheap new toys, balloons, cardstock, and any other items around the house I can use to make easy crafts.
I have been collecting used toilet paper rolls to make binoculars for our nature scavenger hunt.
 The nature scavenger hunt I compilied from things I found on pinterest. 
I made my own list and printed some out for the kids. 
I also am bringing buckets from the dollar spot at target for them to fill with their treasures from nature.  I packed my leaf books and tree books so me and the older kids and look up what kind of leafs we found. 
Fun and a learning activity all in one! 
I'm a sneaky mommy.
{can't wait for the scavenger hunt -- more fun for me than them!!}
I have gobs of paper to bring along, because it is the cure all for the "I'm Bored" mood. 
The kids love to draw and write stories. 
I took some of the paper and cut it in half then stapled them in groups of 5/6 sheets for the kids to make mini books. 
I also pack mini bags for the car to survive the 12 hour car ride.
The kids have their own drawstring bags that they fill with their ipods, ds, books, stuffed animals, Barbies, if it is important to them they pack it. 
Rosetta tried to take everything in her whole room once.
I also packed coloring and activity books in the back of the seat for something to do to.
This helps when someone doesn't want to watch the movie that was picked, then there is an alternative to watching the Dora or Sinbad (not all my kids favorite movies).
I did splurge and pick up one new movie to surprise the kids with, Rio.
After listening to all the movies a dozen times from the front seat, mommy is ready for a new movie in the car too!
All my preparations for spring break will make it exciting and something to remember.
Now with all the fun stuff packed it is onto the clothes.

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