Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We're Home.
As much as I'm excited to sleep once more in my own bed, getting home from
a trip means lots of work for mommy.
There is a mountain of laundry, tons of stuff emptied from the van into my dining room, and no groceries in the refrigerator.   First things first, blog it.
The kids and I had a great time on our Spring Break.
Next year, I insist that daddy go with us. 
Two years in a row finding things to do for a week without him is too long.
We headed to Tennessee to Grandma Judy's house for most of our Spring Break.
I had planned on a lot of indoor activities in case the weather didn't cooperate. 
I am glad I did.  It snowed the first three days. 
 Even with clouds and snow the views are AMAZING!!  
We did lots of creative stuff like coloring, water colors, and crafting.  
Of course a week before Easter we just HAD to dye our Easter eggs.
This year I did the kool aid method. 
I am only going to do it this way from now on.
So easy.  
 My sister Kathy had invited a friend of hers with kids to join us down in Tennessee and her
children really kept my kids from being bored.
Only a couple times did I have to whip something out of my bag of tricks to get over
the "I'm Boreditis". 
I had leftover yarn from a baby shower so one morning we made a yarn obstacle course.
We called it Spy's in Training.  The object of the game was to
get all the way across the room without touching any of the yarn.
Easier said than done.   

 They crawled and hopped, and shimmied their way from one side of the room to the other trying
to get through. It was tough though.  I had the kids each take turns stringing the yarn around chairs and the railing to really make it tough.
 Bubba tried his best spy moves. 
Lil Miss didn't understand the object of the game was to NOT touch the yarn.
She just pushed it out of her way. 
 When the obstacle course got boring we played some games.
Mommy tried her best at checkers but I am no match for this guy.
 Rosie kept busy doing all the girl's hair. 
She was in heaven. 
There was definitely some relaxing going on -- reading and putting our feet up in the recliner.
The last day in Tennessee we had the nicest weather so we decided to do the scavenger hunt I had made up for the trip.  We spent the morning making our binoculars out of toilet paper rolls for the hunt.   

{going on a bear hunt} 
Seriously isn't this the cutest! 
All of us starting out on our adventure!  
We looked for pinecones, flowers, things that were round, litter, and much more. 

Bubba found some daffodils in bloom. 
Our scavenger hunt may have gotten us a little dirty. 
I am not sure Lil Miss's yellow pants will ever be the same.  
While the babies were napping we tried to get in a few board games everyday with the older kids and
taught them to play hearts.  I forgot how much I love to play board games!! 
My competitive nature comes out.
It was a fun, relaxing, and adventurous 5 days in the hills of Tennessee. 
We didn't get out the swimsuits and flip flops but had fun anyways.
Okay -- enough putting off of the laundry.... now I have to get to work.

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