Monday, April 22, 2013

Rosie's First Communion

Rosie made her first communion this weekend.
We had several family members in from out of town to celebrate with us.
Rosie did really good and I am so glad the weather got nicer for us to get some pictures outside.
{Rosie and Father Mac}
{Grandma Pam and Grandpa Bill}
{Gigi wanted a picture with her "pretty" sister}
Our little girl is way too grown up!
{The family}
{Aunt Kathy and Rosie}
{Cousin Megan and Rosie}
Of course, every girl has to shoot hoops in a white dress. 
Ugh!  This was before we went to church.  I was
glad there wasn't a basketball sized dirt spot on her dress when we walked into church. 
Her veil kept distracting her during her foul shots. 
 We made it through the ceremony and only at the end did Lil Miss see
mommy and have to shout it out for all to hear! 
We had lots of family time and pigged out all day.   
{the cake}
Lil Miss was fascinated by Rosie's new music box.  We are
going to have to put this high up on the shelf. 
Grandma Judy wasn't feeling well on Saturday so she missed out on the
first communion festivities, but she got Rosie the cutest Bible.
She knows what Rosie likes with sequins and sparkles.
The house feels empty today with everyone gone. 
It's just Lil Miss and me. 
Bright side is that I won't have to cook the next few nights because we have lots of leftovers. 


  1. snapshot into the future of her in a white dress!! What a beautiful girl. Congrats on your first communion!

  2. What a blessed day! She was beautiful! Love the dress and veil.