Monday, April 1, 2013

No one made Deviled Eggs????

 Bunny Ears...
Jelly Beans...
Pretty Dresses...
and Family
That pretty much sums up Easter for me.
Oh, yeah and add watching lots of college basketball.   
We spent Easter with the family in Ohio
Lots of cousin time.
Silliness and laughter running wild. 
They played dress up in grandma's old dresses.
 On Saturday we ate, drank and were merry.
We had two Easter parties one at Nate's moms and one at my mom's.
The girls helped Grandma Pam with making homemade pizza rolls and homemade ice cream.

The weather was nice enough that we were outside as much as possible.
 Lil Miss was much more engaged in the Easter egg hunt this year. 
She caught on quickly and picked up 12 eggs her first try.

Jack and Lil Miss got a head start before we let loose the big kids to gobble up all the leftover eggs. 

{Megan and Lil Miss} 
 Grandma Pam always gets the kids new swimsuits every Easter and Lil Miss was working her new Hello Kitty one piece.  It went well with her Easter tights.
{traffic jam on the basketball court}
Josh asked me to draw a racecar track so I obliged complete with bridges over a river, gas station, and mystery boxes with turtle shells and mushrooms from Mario Kart. 
 Josh was Mario and Gigi was Luigi.
We left one Grandma's stuffed and full of sugar and headed to the other Grandma's.
Oh wait did I tell you I spiral curled Rosie's hair that morning. 
It turned out pretty cute.  I plan on doing this again for First Communion.
At Grandma Judy's we had more eggs to hunt.   

 {The Egg Hunters} 
{The boys}

 {The Big Girls} 
Sunday morning we woke up and the Easter Bunny had found us!!
I love Bubba's John Deere Easter Basket.  
Daddy got the traditional white chocolate Easter Bunny and mommy got a bag of starburst jelly beans.  Yeah, Right!  The kids have already eaten half of the bag. 
That is probably better that way.  LOL 
{The family all dressed up} 
 {Us girls in our Sunday best!}
After church we ate lunch really quick and headed back to Iowa. 
I only now realized that no one made deviled eggs!!! 
My favorite Easter delicacy and not one grandma made them.
So disappointed. 
I will just have to attempt to make them myself.  Going to have to call my mom for her secret to making them the best. 
Mmmm... deviled eggs
Must be Supper time.

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