Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Party Prep and Grandma's Arrival

I really like to throw parties.
I love to cook and even better I love to try new recipes for a party.
I like buying matching plates, napkins, and putting up decorations.
I also like being ambitious and finishing new projects before guests come.
When our family comes from Ohio to stay, this is no exception. 
We have half the family coming this weekend for Rosie's first communion.
Other than my mom, the rest of them haven't been here since we first moved in.
So a lot of things have changed. 
The kitchen has been completely redone. 
Nate put in the beautiful hardwood floors in the dining room and foyer.
A ton more decorations (Nate would call it crafty crap) have been
put up making the house "me".
I have been a crazy woman the last 2 weeks, cleaning and crafting.
First I had to clean the entire house for my mom to come last Monday.
Even though she was coming a week early to help me clean up the house for
all the guests, I couldn't very well let her see the dirt and dust that I regularly allow in the house. 
I have to at least pretend that the house is dust free all the time. 
My mother is the most amazing housekeeper.
Growing up, my friends were always intimidated on coming to the house because they didn't want to mess it up.
We had cream colored carpeting in the house and I swear to this day it looks as good as it did when installed.  It looks better than our carpeting that was installed last year!
I strive to clean my windows three times a year like my mom does, or dust every week, but I truthfully would be rather doing anything else!!!
But I do it, and it's even more fun when I have help.
On Saturday, after I took my long run, I walked into the house to the music blaring and Nate and the kids cleaning.  They were cleaning windows, wiping down my baseboards, and moving their booties while they cleaned.  It made this mommy's heart so grateful. 
I moved around some furniture and toys in the rooms, something I am
always doing.  Bubba had the barn in his room but with all the furniture there isn't a lot of space to play.  So I brought the barn downstairs, with Bubba following asking what I am doing with his barn and put it in the play space downstairs.  It was like they had just unwrapped a new gift.  The girls were playing with the animals and pushing around the tractors all afternoon. 
That's why I love rearranging!!
One thing Nate wanted to get done before his parents showed up was to get the basketball pole up.
With horribly frustrating instructions, he got the basketball pole up on Saturday. 
It looks great and the kids love it. 
It adjusts up and down and we have already played lots of around the world and PIG.
Sunday night I was giddy with excitement as I picked my mom up from the airport. 
I love any visitors, but having my mom stay her for an entire week is like winning the lottery. 
I don't care if we get any work done, it's just fun to have my mom here to talk to.

{serious polka dot issue}
 Unfortunately the weather hasn't  been to great since she's been here,
cooler temperatures and rain almost everyday, but we have made the most of it.
The spring also brings new activities that the kids are in.
It seems like everyday of the week is filled with some sort of sport.
The kids have gotten pretty good at keeping entertained during all the long hours at the gym or at the soccer field.   Lil Miss loves to draw or write in her notebook and the other kids beg for the ipad constantly. I insist on more educational games, so we play Math Bingo or checkers. 
I guess if they are going to have their faces looking at electronics they might as well be learning something useful.  
The week is going to fast.  We already to Wednesday and my mom has to leave in 4 days, but we are making the most of the time we have.  We have walked the kids to school, gone out for lunch, and gotten a few loads of laundry done.  ;-)
Today I get to go on my first field trip with Gigi. 
I usually get these field trip notices and have to turn them down because of Lil Miss, but with Grandma Judy here I get to go.  Gigi has talked about it all week!
I got good sleep last night so I can deal with 24 kindergartners on the field trip today.
Can't wait!!

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