Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Happiness

Oh, Spring you are finally here! 
How I love your warmer weather
your pops of color in flowers just starting to bloom
and the birds going wild in song.
Thank you for arriving finally!
(my ode to spring)
We have taken full advantage of Spring this week.
We have been outside everyday after school, made unexpected trips to the park
and have indulged in WAY to much frozen yogurt thanks to Daddy.
Daddy has been extremely busy at work so this sudden upturn in warm weather where the kids can play outside until its time for bedtime is so needed. 
I think my kids have jumped right from winter to summer.
They try to insist it is shorts weather and try unconvincingly to coax me into letting them wear
shorts, sandals and tank tops to school.  Maybe one of the three, but NOT all three.
Such a mean mommy, but I believe it needs to be at least 70* for te kids to wear shorts.
Call me old fashioned.
In all the rejoicing of spring finally arriving, the girls and I had a girl's night planned on Friday.
Rosie, Gigi and I went to an American Girl Fashion Show.
 The girl's were giddy.
We had spent all week making their dolls all pretty and picking out which outfits Addy and Bella would wear.   The dolls were buckled into their seats with seatbelts as we drove to the show.
{The girls with their dolls} 
Gigi was so excited to see her Addy doll on stage. 
She could hardly stay in her seat!!
During intermission they gave us cute pink boxes filled with a fruit cup, finger sandwiches, and a pink iced cookie.  The girls couldn't wait until intermission to gobble theirs up.  
The fashion show was just that.  Little girls parading out dressed up just like their dolls in the catalog.   Rosie kept asking when the show was going to start and was slightly disappointed when I told her "this is it!"
They has some crowd participation throughout the show and the girls chimed in and got up to dance. 
They started a wish list of what dresses and dolls they want next.  We might go broke!
Daddy and the other kids were fast asleep when we entered the house
that night.  Daddy had to get up before the crack of dawn for work on Saturday so we tiptoed
in and crawled into bed without making any noise.  
Saturday morning with daddy at work the kids were begging to do all kinds of things.
We settled for an impromptu concert in the living room, playing outside, bubbles on the driveway, and flying kites in the strong wind. 
I don't know who invented colored bubbles, but I am NOT a fan. 
They were a mess.  After only the first time playing with them, they are now in the trash never to be used again.  Gigi and Lil Miss were covered from head to toe in purple and green bubbles. 
The driveway was splattered with bright green and purple raindrops.
Luckily the rain washed away the splatters that night and their clothes and shoes went straight into the wash and came out clean.  Such a relief.  I wasn't sure their outfits would look the same!
{Wants to be a rocker when he grows up} 
That afternoon after lunch I decided it was a beautiful day to go fly kites. 
We walked down to the nearest park so there was plenty of room to run and less chance of the kites getting tangled up together.  It wasn't a perfect solution because even with all the space the kids were constantly running towards each other and twisting their strings anyways.  
 Bubba was ever diligent in trying to make his Yoda kite to fly high in the air. 
He got some pretty good height at one point.
I think the kids were more excited to get caught in a sprinkle on the way home than fly kites. 
They thought it was awesome that we nonchalantly walked home getting misted with rain.
At one point, I had them in fits of laughter as I pretended to be melting like
 the Wicked Witch of the West. Not such a mean mommy after all.
On Sunday, we had the most wonderful Spring day. 
The kids had to wait after Sunday school and church before they rushed out the door to
not come inside until bedtime.  We took full advantage of the weather. 
Mommy brought a few pieces outside to paint (good therapy) and daddy started putting together our new basketball pole.  It was a great weekend. 
Can't wait for more of this warmer weather!! 


  1. 1)super cute scarf
    2) can't wait to see the finished product of your painting!

  2. Nate and frozen yogurt....that doesn't seem right at all!