Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunday Best

I've been slowly going through closets doing spring cleaning. 
A little bit here and there, not a complete overhaul. (I get easily sidetracked into different projects)
I was sorting out the girl's closet and came across the sunflower dresses
hanging in the back.  Looking at the tags I was shocked to discover that
Lil Miss and Gigi are at the same size Rosie and Gigi were 3 years ago.
So I put the dresses in the front among all their other clothes to be worn soon.
Well of course Gigi, my little dress wearer, saw the new (not new just recently placed in a spot she
could see) dress on the hangar and had to wear it right away.
On Sunday for church we put on the pretty sunflower dresses Kathy and I bought years ago and
they looked so adorable.  The girls were twirling around in the living room dancing to
no music.  It's funny how a girl can just put on a dress
and feel like a princess!
We didn't want Rosie to feel left out, so I pulled a coordinating dress out of the closet for her and we
had the girls all beautiful in yellow. 
I didn't think about Bubba feeling left out. 
So he rushed upstairs and had to be properly dressed to, of course.....  in a tie. 
Off to church we went as a family, very well dressed.    
{3 years ago }
To me it is surreal to have Lil Miss in the same size my baby Gigi was when she first walked
into my life.  I can hardly fathom how they are growing up so fast!!!
Way too fast!!
Rosie in three years has grown into such a little lady and Gigi has lost all the babyness to her. 
Lots of tears.  Can they just stay this small forever?

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