Sunday, March 10, 2013

Being Blessed

It's a yucky rainy gray day outside. 
Time to blog and then maybe take a nap because it has
been a late night Friday and Saturday and momma is tired. 
Not to mention we lost an hour yesterday.  Darn Day Lights Savings!
We spent the weekend back in Ottumwa, the place of our first home. 
Not much has changed, but Nate still couldn't remember how to get anywhere. 
Good thing he has a good navigator along! 
We drove by a few of our old haunts, the house, their old school, and daddy's old work. 
The younger ones remembered very little, but Rosie did. 
We met some friends at one of our favorite restaurants El Rancho. 
The queso dip and margaritas were worth the trip!! 
After dinner and TOO MUCH grown up talking I was reminded by Bubba, the kids were going bonkers so we headed to our hotel for the kids to go swimming. 
Our friends followed us so we could have drinks by the pool while mommy and the kids swam.  
When I booked the hotel earlier in the week Nate and I tried to remember the last time we
stayed in the hotel with all 6 of us.  The consensus was we don't remember!
It was back when lil miss was a itty bitty baby is all that I can recall.
So, for comfort sake we splurged and got two rooms.
Kids in one room and mommy and daddy in the other. 
At least that is how it started until baby fell out of the bed at 2 in the morning and crawled in with us. 
The whole reason for our trip down to Ottumwa, not that we needed a reason to visit,
was to celebrate two little girl's baptisms. 
I got a text message a few weeks ago from baby Josie asking if I wanted
to be her godmother.  After texting back... did you send this to the wrong person?
I found out I wasn't dreaming, I was floored they wanted me to
be Josie's godmother.  What a honor!
This was the first time Nate and the kids got to meet baby Josie and baby Ella
 and they are so gosh darn cute!!!  Tiny little fingers and the sweetest baby cries.
Josie is the size now at 3 months that Lil Miss was at birth! 

 {Proud Mommy and Daddy}
I love to see Joey never take his eyes off those girls!
He is going to be in trouble in years to come because they have him
wrapped around their itty bitty fingers.
{Melissa, my fellow Fairy Godmother with Ella}
{Me and baby Josie}
All my kids were infatuated with the babies and wanted to hold them. 
Lil Miss asked Angie to "Hold Baby" and Angie graciously obliged.
She was in heaven. 
She touched every inch of baby Josie from her soft cheeks, to her little ears, to her feet.
Taking the baby away from her wasn't easy. 
"MINE!" she cried.  She didn't want to give her up... either did mommy.  LOL  
She couldn't take her eyes off her. 
It was like one of her doll babies came to life!
Rosie was all smiles as she got to hold the baby all by herself. 
Since yesterday, she has asked me 5 times when she can start babysitting.
I took my Godmother duties seriously.
Spoiling has started!
I made Josie and Ella both little dresses.  I loved the bright fabric and wanted to make two that matched but weren't the same.  It was the smallest thing I have ever made.  Lil Miss thought they were for her doll and kept stealing them off my sewing table.
It was a fun and happy day, but when we got home last night we were all exhausted.
Thank you Angie and Joey for picking me as Josie's godmother.
I am deeply honored and will teach her all the good things that a girl should know. 
Like you can never have enough shoes. 
Auntie Lynn will be there for her at a moments notice.
I am so over the moon for you two and those little girls are so blessed to
have such wonderful parents. 

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