Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our little Artist

We have  a lot of little artists in the family.
All of them love to paint, draw, and create.
We were so proud of Gigi when she brought home a card from her art teacher
that she was chosen as one of the school's artist to show her work at the local Art Museum.
After checking the date of the ceremony though, we were bummed to find out it was this
Sunday when we would be gone for spring break. 
So not switching our spring break plans, we decided as a family to go to the museum this week and check out her masterpiece. 
I had never been to the Figge Art Museum downtown so I was excited to see another
place in the Quad Cities on my list of places to check out.
Loved this piece of typography.  I want it for my house!
Gigi was so excited to see her artwork. 
We asked her what she made, but she had no clue.
The kids were running around trying to find her piece.  
You know the saying a bull in a china shop? 
Well, you can also say like the Schulte kids in an Art Museum.   

 Then we found it.
Wasn't exactly a Picasso. 
They chose a snowflake she made.   
Her teacher has mentioned at every parent teacher conference how impressed she is with her drawing.  Was so proud to see her name and artwork on the wall here!!  
{Photobombed by a 2 year old}
They had some interactive art installations. 
They kept us all entertained, even daddy. 
The blocks were fun for Lil Miss. 
Rosie gravitated to the stencils. 
Mommy and Bubba made wire art. 
No one could figure out mommy made a flower. 
Apparently I was working in the abstract. 
Daddy used his impressive art skills to construct a camper out of blocks. 
I was quite impressed!
It was a fun Wednesday.  Something definitely out of the ordinary.
One proud mommy of our little girl. 

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