Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Start!! --Pantry Redo

 Okay I started my spring cleaning this week.
I had intentions to go through the kids closets and just organize their rooms because they are crazy messy and if everything has its "spot" then it won't be messy right?
But, I got doing other things instead and the only thing that got organized and cleaned was my pantry.  It's a small dent in the overall spring cleaning agenda, but every time I open the pantry doors I get excited. 
Lame, I know, but that is what labels and a little organizing does to me. 
Makes me ALL excited. 
This is the before picture. 
I didn't think to take the picture until I was half way through the clean out. 
I started the clean out during breakfast so when I came back from dropping the kids off at school, I had no other option than organizing it and putting it back.  Unless
we were going to eat out all day and just ignore it. 
That did cross my mind.  
Our snack cabinet was originally in the kitchen island but Lil Miss figured out the child locks and was always getting her little fingers in the fruit snacks and potato chips.   
 I took some small shoe boxes and wrapped them in some cute polka dot Kraft wrapping paper I was just waiting to use on something fun.  They were the perfect size to hold all the flimsy items which roll around in the pantry and don't sit up straight.
{instant cute container} 
For the pantry itself, I cut out some simple decorative labels with my Cricut in a black vinyl. 
They just cling onto the wood drawers without any residue. 
I haven't scrapbooked in awhile, so I am always trying to find ways to use my
Cricut in ways around the house. 
Nate may have freaked out that I had stuck permanent labels on his beautiful drawers, but that is not the case.  These come off easily.
I used a silver sharpie to write the pantry categories on the labels and abracadabra......
without any cost a new cute pantry redo!!!
 Now, every time I open the pantry doors to get out boxes of couscous for supper or grab snacks for after school, I smile from ear to ear. 
It's definitely the little things. 
Moving the snack cabinet to the pantry didn't solve our problem of the sneaky thief
Nate sent me this pic Saturday afternoon as I was running errands. 
Nothing is out of her reach!! 

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