Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Seriously I love some of the things my kids randomly say.
Okay, not everything do I love.  The "I hate yous" and "yuck, is that we are having for dinner" I could do without, but sometimes they surprise me with fantastic stories or funny things that happened at school.   Yesterday, Bubba hopped into the van and informed me he had dreaded homework.  I
knew this didn't mean math homework because he whizzes through that. 
It was writing and drawing homework. 
He dislikes this with a passion.  In fact the teacher and I talked about this at his last
parent/teacher conference.  When he writes in his writing journal at school he puts 1 or 2 sentences and that is it.  Short and sweet, with no fluff. 
We both vowed to work on his story telling and "adding" to his story. 
So, I told Nate that our plan at home included him.  He was thrilled. 
I have been writing back and forth at night with Rosie.  She writes in a little notebook questions for me or how her day was and then sits it on my pillow for me to find. 
Then I write back to her, usually answering her questions. 
I thought if daddy and Bubba did this back and forth writing maybe it would entice him to write more.  The teacher loved the idea, daddy was less on board. 
I help Bubba write his entries that go something like this:
How are you dad?
Why did the cow cross the road?
Why do you wear cologne every day?
It's a start.
So when he got in the van upset he had homework, I knew it was a dreaded writing assignment. 
The only strange thing was the story was written, all he had to do was make a cover sheet and draw pictures to go with his story.  To me this would be awesome homework, but to my boy it was the worst thing ever.  Especially since his sisters got their work done right away, while he was getting his colored pencils all sharp with a point in the pencil sharpener and they went outside to play. 
What a Blow!
So here he is sulking at the table begging me to draw the pictures. 
Or at least tell him what to draw. 
I read the story...
It was all about his experience at Chucke Cheese's last week. 
We were going to go for Gigi's birthday on the 20th, but she had the flu so we decided to postpone it until last week.  His cover page turned out awesome and he spelled Chucke Cheese's as best as he could. The story started to tell of all the fun games he played, especially the guitar game where he beat dad once.
 {daddy liked the games as much as the kids}
{Birthday girl (a week late) finally got her pony she wanted for her birthday.  Except it isn't pink!}

The story then went....
We went to chucke cheese for my sister's birthday.
I played lots of games.
My dad and me played a guitar game and I even beat him once. 
I learned lots of fancy words too.
Dad said "like what?"
Dapper and Ooh la la.
End of story.
After I read this I couldn't stop laughing, which isn't good because Bubba HATES when people laugh.  I was only giggling because it was an awesome story!!! 
He drew pictures of himself and daddy playing guitars and a picture of him looking "dapper".  
It took him awhile but he finished the assignment and still had time to play outside.  
He had to bring the papers to school today, but when they come home this is going in his school box to keep.  This is so him. and he really has started to use dapper and ooh la la in his vocabulary as much as possible.  I don't mind. 
I came out of the bathroom this morning dressed to drop them off at school and
the he says "ooh la la!"  A girl can get used to that.
He will make some girl very happy someday!!
Oh, and look at my dapper dude all ready for school today. 
This is normal school attire for him. 
If he could wear a tie to school everyday he would.

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