Friday, February 1, 2013

A little under the weather

A little under the weather is an understatement. 
This mommy was flat out, bona fide, out for the count sick. 
It's going on hour 48 hours and just when I feel like I have kicked this flu in the butt, I am laying on the couch clutching my stomach begging for it to go away. 
It's not easy around here when Momma is sick. 
Here is a break down of our week -- and all the gory details:
I woke up with the joy of knowing all the kids were going to school. 
Rosie had been home Thursday and Friday with pink eye and ear infection and other than mommy and daddy no one was showing signs of it at all.  Before we go to school Bubba starts to complain that his eye hurt.  Now, I was skeptical because this was the same boy who Friday begged to stay home with Rosie with everything from his knee hurt to his stomach ached.  I talked to Nate and he stood behind me and said "he is milking it and send him to school".  He went on and on about when he was younger they never stayed home from school and if they did they had to go to Grandma Schulte's and it was no fun because she only had empty salt and pepper shakers to play with.  (Poor Baby)  I got a lecture on how I made staying home too fun and now they don't want to go to school.  Oops.  But I don't get them at home by themselves everyday, so yes maybe I spoiled them a bit. 
So ANYWAYS way off subject--  we are running around getting ready and I finally asked him what really hurt.  He says his eye right around here. (while he is drawing a circle around his whole eye)  I internally debate this.  His eye isn't red like Rosie's was or mine was and it doesn't itch.  So I say okay lets put some of the pink eye drops in your eye and go to school. 
I am no longer home and back in my "cleaning" clothes when I get a phone call from school. 
"Hello this is the nurse and Bubba is here in the office He told his teacher that he has pink eye and you started drops in his eye this morning and you need to come pick him up because he has to be out of school and using drops for 24 hours."  UGH. Mom Fail.
So I change out of my bleach stained yoga pants and t-shirt, because I have to look respectable when I go to pick up my kid who I sent to school who I shouldn't have, and head back to school 30 minutes after I left.  I may have been hanging my head a little low.
I bring my "sick" child, who is skipping on the way to the van, on home to console and bring back to health.   

{I think this boy pulled the wool over someones eyes... doesn't look sick to me!}
So this mommy trying to make it terrible to stay home,  made homemade chocolate chip cookies and put a movie in and started to disinfect the house.  Bubba was given strict instructions to stay on the couch and rest, but every time I went downstairs to check on him and Lil Miss he was playing with light sabers or having a tea party with his sister.   
 This is what mommy was doing. 
Disinfecting doorknobs, cleaning sheets, bleaching bathrooms, toys and anything else anyone would touch.  I wanted this out of our house.... somehow we only welcomed another sickness in.
After we dropped ALL the kids off at school and made some much needed errands.  We were out of milk after making chocolate chip cookies the day before (who eats a cookie without a glass of milk) so we got some much needed groceries and we picked up a few craft supplies at Michale's too.  The weather was a springy 60 degrees.  Too bad it was raining the entire day.

The little girl loved smelling the tulips I had bought the day before and therefore at Michael's she went through the fake flowers and sniffed every one.  I found this quite funny.  She would say "ummmm" after every sniff.  Wait til I take her to the nursery or the park this spring, she is going to LOVE it.  I crossed off a few of the items I needed to complete the few dozen projects I have going on at this time.  There are at least a dozen and a half projects started on my sewing table, bar, and craft area.  I was anticipating the snow and cold weather coming and envisioned days snuggled inside crafting. 
(this didn't exactly happen)  
When it came time to pick the kids up from school on Tuesday it was pouring out, so me and Lil Miss brought the umbrellas inside to school to keep everyone dry.  This is a treat for the girl because she loves her hand me down umbrella from Rosie.  Rosie graduated to a big kid "fancy" rainbow striped umbrella this year when her Little Mermaid Umbrella was too babyish.  Lil Miss doesn't mind one bit.   Not even if it has three prongs broken and doesn't open all the way.  She LOVES it.
We woke up to it still just barely sprinkling, but then the snow began and continued to fall all day.  
The house looked so pretty all covered in snow. 
But just the day before it was 60 degrees!!!
{I had a helper to help with the shoveling}
Wednesday is usually my crafting/sewing day but mommy didn't have much energy, so it was alot of laying around.  Daddy got home from work late that night and I just couldn't shake the run down feeling so I was in bed at 8pm.  I blamed it on getting up to run this week at 5:07am .. but I was wrong.
It all began around 5am.  Nate woke up early to get to a 6 am meeting.  My stomach sounded like it was talking to him.  It wasn't good.  I had an inkling about what this was to evolve into, but I was thinking happy thoughts. 7 am I had to wake up the kiddos for school.  At this point, I wasn't throwing up but I just wanted to get the kids off to school and sleep.  The kids pitched in and got breakfast for themselves.  I love that they are old enough to reach the cabinets and pitch in when mommy is moaning on the coach unable to move.  They were unusually cheerful and Rosie didn't even complain when I said her hair is going up in a ponytail. 
I get everyone including me in the car and drop the three oldest off at school.  The only success of the day!  I drive through McDonald's to get a Hi C orange for me and miss and some hash browns for her.  At this point I know that its the flu and I might not be functioning the rest of the day, so I thought she is going to need some food to eat and slip through the drive thru. 
This was almost my downfall.  I get home.... barely unsnap Lil Miss from her carseat, and we run downstairs.  The rest of the morning is a yucky mess.  I am either curled up in a ball or puking my guts out.  Lil Miss has never seen puke so she is fascinated and at one point sticks her hands in the puke bucket.  This leads to me puking again. 
I am being a horrible mother at this point because I cannot barely lift my head off of the couch and I can smell the poopy diaper but can't even get enough energy to change it. 
Sometime in there she spills her Hi C on the carpet, this horrible mommy can't stand up let alone clean it up so I tell Lil Miss to get a blanket and put it over the spill.  UGH!  It wasn't pretty. 
At this point I had called Nate and disturbed him in a meeting telling him how awful I am feeling and how bad of a mother I am being and I know he is swamped but just am giving him a heads up that things are pretty ugly. 
I carry on through the morning until I get a call from Nate that he is coming home.  Thank Goodness. 
The Calvary is here. 
Daddy shows up with lunch for Lil Miss, the ability to change her poopy diaper and gets mommy to bed where I am the rest of the day.  I am out for a number of hours. 
Every time I wake up I get a whiff of throw up and know it is me but I can't do anything about it. 
I can't keep bread down or an orange. 
But about 8 pm I have the ability to sit up and take some ibuprofen. 
I stand up long enough to get a shower and my old self slowly comes back. 
There was no way this flu was going to take me out of commission any longer. 
Mommy can't be sick.  It throws everything out of wack.  Daddy was talking about all of his meetings the next day and all the things he needed to get done, so there was no chance of another day with my knight in shining armor at home.  I went to bed hoping the worst was over.
I woke up looking better per Nate's words.  Finding out the night before we had a 2 hour delay because of windchill, I was reassured that YES I would be able to get the kids to school and function better than the day before.  The kids were super sweet.  Rosie had made me a get well card that read "I hate when you have the flu mommy"  :-(  and Lil Miss was bringing me her stuffed animals to lay with and covering me with blankets.  I couldn't ask for better caretakers. 
{someone thought her monkey Bananas would cheer me up}
By 10 we were dressed and ready to go.  The girls had their hair done and everyone had winter coats, gloves, and hats on.  In Gigi's case she had 3 hats on.  I didn't discover this until she was getting out of the van and I gave her a kiss and got a glimpse of her earmuffs on tip of her lumberjack hat on top of her knit hat.  I let her go to school just like that.  Her ears weren't going to be cold. 
The rest of the day went pretty normal.  I kept my bowl of cereal down.  Was able to read a book or two to Lil Miss and successfully got her to go on the potty a big ONE time.  I think she is getting me back for sitting in her own poop for awhile the day before.  Sorry, baby. 
I hope I am the only one who gets this thing. 
The rest of the household has had the flu shot so lets hope it is good for something and keeps Nate and the kids from getting what I had.  I don't think Nate likes to be Mr Mom for very long. 
AND look I have enough energy to know even write a blog post. 
Thanks for all the well wishes while I was under the weather they helped me kick this thing. 
Mommy's Back!! 


  1. Glad you are feeling better!!! Sounds like this flu is getting everyone this year :(

  2. 1- glad you're feeling better!
    2- your house is beautiful!

  3. Sounds like you have a couple of future nurses!!