Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello Friday.

Hello Friday. You are my favorite day of the week.
Hello Daddy. Daddy is home and we can now see him other than at bedtime.
Hello Pancakes. Sunday morning pancake time. One meal I don't have to cook.
Hello No Homework. How come homework has just become more work for mommy?

Hello Basketball.  Gonna Cheer on my kiddos this weekend.  De-Fense!

Hello Being Goofy.  Weekends give us a reason to be silly, like feeding our teddy bears soup.  This also means extra laundry.  

Hello Craftiness.   Weekend before Valentine's Day means we need to finish up our Valentine's cards and create our Valentine's boxes.  Bubba wants a Darth Vader box -- we will see how it turns out.

 So Happy its Friday!!

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