Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fairies Welcome

A week or so ago I mentioned that we made a fairy garden. 
Nate should never send me to the garden nursery.  I don't need an invitation to buy more plants, but he did and the rest is history. 
It all started with this cool container of "lost things" that Bubba found. 
We had watched Tinkerbell the night before and the gold metal objects in the jar were pretty cool.  I picked up the jar and pondered what we could do with this neat collection of things and made a executive decision (easy when Nate isn't there) to make an indoor fairy garden. 
I had plans to put a small "kid" garden in the backyard this spring with unique things and maybe a few fairy items, but I just couldn't wait.  After putting the jar of lost things in our cart, we went to go look at the large fairy garden section in the greenhouse.  I already had a pot at home in mind for the fairy garden so all we needed were a few unique plants.  Bubba picked out three small plants after a little coaxing from me on what not to pick and then he got to pick one fairy item.  He chose a delicate looking metal chair for our fairies. 
Here are the supplies we used for the fairy garden:
A shallow pot (already had at home)
potting soil (indoor potting soil is best)
plants (we chose some succulents which don't need much water)
Lost things
When choosing plants you would want to think of heights, textures, and colors. 
I tried to guide Bubba to different colors of plants but he didn't like them so at least we got different heights and textures somewhat.
 With help from the kids we put the plants in the pot with potting soil first.  We moistened the soil and added a little more soil so the plants wouldn't move around.  
The pot should not be drenched with water all the time.  I water the fairy garden when the soil is completely dry and don't use alot of water when I water.  Succulents are dessert plants so they like arid soil, not wet moist soil all the time.
Even the two year old was involved.  
 Then comes the fun part.  We place the rocks over the soil to create a kind of "floor" for the fairies. 
The kids didn't want to see any of the dirt. 
Then we took the lost things and placed them around the pot for Tinkerbell to find. 
The little chair was put in the pot too, perfect for Tinkerbell to take a rest. 
The kids have added a screw and a few of grandma Aggie's buttons to the pot too. 
They had a whole discussion about how the fairies are going to get in the house with all the doors closed and windows shut, but I love seeing them use their imaginations. 
So that is our fairy garden.  It is very small.... just like the fairies. 

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