Friday, February 15, 2013

Because I love you

So our nontraditional Valentine's date was to...
No I couldn't get Nate to join me at a spa.  We went to a shooting range. 
Nate has been bugging me to go to the range with him to shoot his hand gun and
I have avoided it until now.  All the stars aligned with babysitter, early day because of Valentine's parties at school, and time. So I gave in and told him we could go as long as he takes me out to dinner afterwards.  Honestly I wanted to hate shooting the gun. 
The idea of a hand gun freaks me out. 
I have shot his shotgun before at clay targets and didn't do half bad, but the idea of a hand gun scares me.  He has coached me on how to handle it since we got it.  I've held it reluctantly and been told how to add the rounds, load the clip and put one in the chamber. 
But holding it loaded.... never had done that. 
I didn't like the idea of shooting at the targets that looked like people so we shot at the bullseye targets and targets that looked like a golf course. 
It made it more like a game and less like a deadly weapon. 
I expected to feel out of place at the shooting range. 
It isn't a place many go on Valentine's, right?
Wrong.  There were 3 couples there shooting together when we walked in. 
After a few coaching tips from Nate and a reminder not to close both eyes when I shoot, I was actually hitting the paper target.  My first 15 bullets hit the paper.  4 in the black!! 
Impressive showing first time around.  
The shots were so loud!  I wasn't ready for that.  I jumped every time the guy beside us shot his gun. 
Nate might have been a little embarrassed at my rookieness, but after a few rounds he changed his tune.
 {my Valentine}
I like to do new things, and this was definitely a new thing for me. 
 Check out my cool safety glasses and ear muffs.

We finished the night with a dinner at Symposium Cafe.  It was delicious.
It was nice to do something other than go Christmas shopping or a movie while we have a babysitter. 
Spending time with my hubby is the best and do you know how nice it was to have a conversation without an interruption? 
I hope you all found a way to celebrate that was as fun.  

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  1. Whoa, way to go Lynn. Remind me not to tick you off. :)