Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Little Word -- Vision Board

I am truly enjoying where my one little word is taking me this year.  My intention for January was ignite the spark.  Not really knowing what that meant when I wrote my intentions the first week in January, I just let this month evolve.  I focused on two different areas of my life. 
1.) Health.  I started laying out my plan for the 1/2 marathon in May and I have 12 weeks now until the race.  I have had to motivate myself to get out of bed and get active.  Hard to do in the cold weather of January.  I wrote my training schedule on my calender in RED ink and that means business.  I am really trying to cook healthy meals for the whole family and putting alot more vegetables on the kids plate than they are used to.  Concentrating on Health.
{chicken breasts and bacon wrapped asparagus}
The kids loved the bacon and reluctantly ate the asparagus.
2.)  Also my self image.  This is an extremely tough thing to change.  I am determined to change the way I see myself.  I am trying to give myself positive compliments instead of getting down on myself.  When I notice myself saying something negative, I stop and count off at least 3 things I have done right or wouldn't change about myself.  Not easy.  But helps me not focus on the fact that I lost my temper.... didn't track my food that day... or didn't do this or that.  I see Rosie already at 8 years old saying things like "I don't look good in this," or "my hair looks horrible today,"  or "I wish I had blond hair like...".  I want my daughters to love who they are and not wish to be anyone else.  And I am learning that their own self image hinges on how I see myself.  If I don't like myself and am using the words "fat" and "ugly", then how do I expect them to love themselves.  So when I talk about dieting and working out, I have trained myself to say I want to be healthier instead of saying I want to be skinnier.  This is a work in progress.....not easily done overnight. 
James 3:5
In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes great speeches.  But
a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire.  And the tongue is a flame of fire.
It is whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body.  It can
set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself.
So our One Little Word "assignment" for February was create a vision board.
It didn't have to correlate to your word but the images and words needed to speak to you in some way.  On Friday while I was recuperating from the flu and had little energy to do much else.  I browsed through some magazines looking for things that spoke to me. 
I was going to take some time to browse and come up with the right images and words for my vision board.  But I was on a roll, so I just got started.
{essentials:  mod podge, sponge brush, canvas, magazine clippings, and Mt Dew}
I pulled a canvas out of the craft closet and got to work.  Its funny, as soon as I picked up the paint brush I didn't feel ill anymore.  My energy was focused on creating something. 
I little layering and a little mod podge and my vision board was complete. 
Its up to interpretation on what it means. 
Not sure why I was feel such a  strong attraction to the apron splattered with paint, or the beautiful image of the two apples.  No clue.  The words on the bottom of the canvas read as such:
Find your healthy happy mom place.
I think that sums it about up. 
Still focusing on Spark for the year. 
This month I focus on MY interests. 
I have successfully spent more time than ever on sewing, journaling, and crafting. 
It's been very nice, and its not always possible to have "alone" time. 
So sometimes it is the girls doing the craft with me. 
It's been fun. 

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